New PoP Feature: Photography Tips with Pablo Raw

We have a couple new features coming out this week. First let me take the opportunity to introduce Pablo Raw who will be contributing a column on photography tips. Ed. Note: Others readers have expressed interest in a PoPville photography club to get together from time to time. While Pablo will occasionally participate in that as well, I’m gonna set that group up separately, soon. The first meeting will likely be held at Wonderland. Stay tuned.

Pablo in his own words:

“I am pablo.raw

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pablo, and I am a photographaholic. I carry my camera everywhere, take lots of pictures and some of them happen to be good. His Royal Highness Prince Dan of Petworth asked me to contribute to PoPville by writing a column about photography and I have kindly accepted. (Who can say no to The Prince?).

The idea for the column, is to provide the interested PoPvillagers with tips about taking better photos. Most of the time I would like to talk about things you can do with whatever camera you have, and every once in a while, about things that can be done with most advanced cameras or explain how I’ve done some of the photos posted on this blog.

If you have some suggestions about photography issues you would like me to talk about, feel free to comment on this post, or e-mail me at raw (dot) pablo (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hasta pronto!”

Montelimar Beach in Nicaragua

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  • What is the best method to photograph ice rain? 😉

  • I love your photos – zebras and roosters and beaches in Nicaragua. The beautiful life!

  • VERY excited about this new feature. I am trying to explore my digital camera. Went to Zoolights…came back with some very average, blurry photos.

    Would love some tips!

  • + 1 in all of the above

  • excited for this, good call PoP and Pablo, very happy to see the DC blogs embracing local artists

  • Cool. This is a very nice addition.

  • Big fan of Pablo’s photos. Looking forward to this!

  • I’d recommend focusing on DC-specific shots or decomposition of shots you’ve taken. Most of us amateur photographers already do a lot of reading about general techniques. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to whatever you have to say!

  • tips for taking candid photos and public pictures of strangers. Human subjects can help create striking photos, but getting them can be… awkward.

  • Tips on how to use effectively light to your advantage in setting up shots would be great.

  • Are there any local photography classes that you would recommend? I’m looking for tips on how to better use my DSLR, and while I’ve been able to pick up some general tips from books, more tips for knowing what to do “in the moment” and getting some hands-on advice would be great.

    • pablo .raw

      I’m a self taught photographer so I can’t offer you much help on this. The only photography class I’ve ever had was from Penn Camera, you should check out their website.
      Maybe you should ask PoP this question to see what is the experience of others.
      See you

    • Bear

      Sam d’Amico teaches workshops in Adams Morgan. he’s much more reasonable in terms of price than most places I looked in to, and he’s a very good teacher. I’ve taken two of his workshops and learned a lot.

  • pablo .raw

    I’m taking note of all your ideas and we’ll definitively talk about all those things at some point.

  • Glen Echo offers reasonably-priced hands-on classes with good teachers. Also, Washington School of Photography.

    Love the column, Pablo raw! 🙂

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