New Building at 2910 Georgia Ave, NW Progressing Nicely

Lots of people are mentioning to me how this building is really taking shape. I can hardly believe my eyes. Accordign to DC MUD:

The matter of right development will come in at five floors, plus a penthouse, and will be no higher than 50 feet. A side yard area will be covered in brick and provide 11 parking spots for residents of the one- and two-bedroom units. What about retail? Linde said the area has a dearth of quality housing and is rife with vacant lots. “You need to put heads in beds before you start building any retail,” asserted Linde. Adding, “doesn’t do any good to put in a Trader Joes… or a Starbucks if there aren’t any people to drink the coffee.”

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  • Excited about the development but irritated at this joker Linde. Send him to GA Ave. Metro at any given rush hour.

    • Just what we need. More nice housing for the white people moving into the city. I’m tired of people on this blog thinking only of themselves and their gentrification bubble. does no one else see that this development increases rents and pushes lower income people out? Why are so many people on this blog oblivious to this? All I read about here is how great it would be have another upscale retailer or how much money this or that property is going for. I’m getting tired of it and i wish there was a deeper analysis on this blog. Does anyone hear what I’m saying?

      • Where were all you old time non-gentrifiers when property was cheap and ripe for development? Why didn’t you buy it up and employ your people to renovate? Why didn’t you rent to your own hard-working neighborhood people who would then develop & patronize local neighborhood – non “Upscale” – businesses?

        “Deeper analysis” only puts the spotlight on 20+ years of local neglect and inertia.

      • Please don’t race bait. Gentrification is a socioeconomic change. There are plenty of higher income blacks, hispanics, asians etc moving into the neighborhood trying to improve it as well (gays too! Hi new gay neighbors!!). What I AM tired of is this nauseatingly repetitive race argument taking up far too much post space. I think anyone/everyone who reads this blog even with a small degree of frequency (every day!) would agree it’s been sufficiently covered. Thank you.

        • As you say, it may be about property value and affordability, but it’s also about use of bullets to kill people. Race may be a factor, but personal and group decisions about level of civility trumps that each time.

      • “I’m not as involved as I wish I were in this gentrification ‘bubble’. Please include me and stop being oblivious to my plight, you other people. All I ask for is deep analysis. You know?”

      • I hear you James. I want a MIXTURE. I want some of the older community and the new. I wish all neighborhoods to be mixed economically or middle class basically. But I am also going to tell you — I love city living, I love new buildings with huge windows, I love not developing more land in the burbs and making use of what already exists here. Also, many so-called “gentrifiers” have qualities like being open-minded, comfort with being a minority in a neighborhood, entrepreneurial, and the do-it-yourself/make-it-a-better place mentality. Honestly a lot of us even white educated folks CANNOT afford a lot — where not that different economically. White, yes. I also don’t like reverse racism.

      • James –

        The Georgia Avenue corridor has 3x more affordable housing that will be opening up in the next 2 years than it has ever had, EVER. If anything this is reverse gentrification. An area that had very few affordable units is being changed to include tons of affordable units. The Park Morton redevelopment is ADDING more affordable units, the NDC developming is ADDING more affordable units, and the 2 developments just north of the metro station are ADDING affordable units. Please show me where there are fewer affordable units in this area of Georgia Avenue??????

      • i hear what you’re saying james. there are definitely plusses and minuses to growth and development, but when you start off by bitching about white people, you pretty much loose sympathy and respect from all people that aren’t bigots.
        when you call for a deeper analysis, you should begin with yourself.
        though yes, you are correct, new development will raise the rents and push lower income people out, or make it such that they can’t move there in the first place.
        what would you like done about it? should growth and the jobs that come with it not happen? should we put more blockades to the free exercise of matter of right development? should we all mourn that fact that dc might get denser and denser? should we be scared of white people? what are the things you want addressed james?
        should we address the fact that dc has a gigantic budget shortfall and we need more tax dollars coming in to the city, or else city services will get cut which always hurt the poor the most? how should we increase our city coffers james? should we deny building projects that bring jobs to dc? should we simply cut our services so that dc can retain it’s high percentage of poverty stricken individuals?
        where’s your analysis james?
        try to pretend you’re not in your bubble of bigotry when you answer.

      • I honestly don’t go for this “gentrifier” argument.

        I didn’t ever live where I couldn’t afford to, and never once did I ask for help paying my rent. Hard work and determination are rewarded in this country.

        Now I can afford my own home in a neighborhood where generations of families failed their own – yes failed their own. On top of working my entire adult life, I kept a part time job at a video store for 7 years. I worked hard to get where I am.

        There is a season for everything. Now it this generation’s time to live in the big beautiful homes of Petworth and Park View and the area.

        Saying it is because this one or that one is white or black is just an excuse… sounds a little lazy to me, not mention, sour grapes.

  • How long will it be before KTK, BEKS, or NERO tag it with paint or bullets?

  • Trader Joes!! Bring us a trader joes!!!

    Don’t tease us like that…

  • Wrong. I’d shop at Trader Joe’s, and so would the people who already live in Petworth.

  • i think it’s important to remember that businessmen are in the business of making money, so if he could have profitably installed retail he would have.

    we’re just a few years away, but i’m cool with that.

    i think what we got is pretty nice.

    • Agreed. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have the development. But I think a Trader Joes would flourish (and would also give people from Columbia Heights a reason to shop in the area).

  • Absolutely yes to Trader Joe’s…if you build, it they WILL come. I drive all the way to Bailey’s Crossroads to shop at Trader Joe’s.

  • Nice to see improvement. My brother rented a rowhouse in the area while he was a student in the mid 90s. Housing costs in the area are trending up. I hope the area remains at least somewhat affordable long term for Howard students who want to live off campus. I hope the school has a long term plan for student housing and of course parking.

    To be a student living in the ‘Towers’ dorm that close to U street must be fun. To be in college again…amassing student loan debt, facing a bad economy upon graduation, wait I’ll pass.

  • Art Linde knows exactly what he’s doing. These smaller buildings are what will be make Georgia Ave great. Every new building doesn’t need retail. The area is just not that dense. Nodes of retail work better. Go Georgia Ave. March on march on.

  • Speaking of lower Georgia avenue, any update on the interminably delayed reconstruction of the street / sidewalks to make it more attractive / pedestrian-friendly? Is this still on the table, and is there any estimate of when it might happen? Or is it still being held up by a desire to coordinate with Howard Town Center? That would make just a huge difference in terms of attracting more retailers to the many vacant spaces … but so the longer construction is delayed, the longer retailers are going to put off going into Georgia Ave. rather than face two years of construction hurting business …

  • Howard U screwed the pooch on development. Too busy enriching fatcats and ripping off students–could have taken a lesson from NYU, Columbia, Drexel, etc.

    As the anti-gentrifier comment–I’m an African America; my wife’s a Howard grad. I’m a native washingtonian. There’s a core of folks who’ve lived in this neighborhooid, raised families, contributed to the city. Then there’re the parasites, knuckleheads and babymamas who took that legacy and shredded (for whatever reason, invidious or by circumstance). No matter. The net effect on Ga. Ave was one of crime and depression. Bulletproof retail establishments run not by evil white yuppies, but foreigners who are absentee landlords on top of that. Accordingly, I welcome development–retail and residential. There’s plenty of affordable houseing in the area. The key is to stop contributing to a denigrating quality of life in that affordable housing. kick out the drug dealers, the juvenile junior gangsters and thier girlfriends, mammas, etc etc. Then life will be better for grandma.

    Besides, I bet grandma’d rather shop at Trader Joe’s than carry out and liquor store…

  • I’m a Howardite, an African-American female, a Georgira Avenue resident of ten years, and owner of several properties in the immediate area. I welcome diversity, support development, appreciate rent increases, and I am down for the cause….

    There are some of us who can/will stay despite the influx of newcomers to the neighborhood. Some of us would rather have non-black neighbors than boarded up houses. And, then again, some of us fully understand the perils of displacement that have (and continue to) plague black communities. – I feel your pain James!

    What’s the solution?

    • Pushing people out my %&$. Many of the old Gs bought here when you could get a house for 10k. They are the ones that will be laughing all the way to the bank, except…!

  • I think this comment lacks an understanding of the neighborhood unfortunately: “You need to put heads in beds before you start building any retail,” asserted Linde. Adding, “doesn’t do any good to put in a Trader Joes… or a Starbucks if there aren’t any people to drink the coffee.”

    Yes, the neighborhood looks rough, but I would say half of the residents of my block yearn for these types of establishments. And others will come from a few blocks west – Trader Joes is a destination store…not a neighborhood market as we’ve seen other places as well. It is a reason to go to Foggy Bottom – not surviving because of Foggy Bottom.

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