National Shoe Rebuilders Closes in Cleveland Park

I’m not sure this’ll be of too much interest for those living in other neighborhoods but as a former Cleveland Parker I was shocked to see that National Shoe Rebuilders had closed at 3510 Connecticut Ave NW. This was a legendary shop that seemingly had been here for years. I’m not as devastated as I was when I saw that Yanni’s had closed nearby but this is still a bit of a shock to the system. I’ll be very curious to see who goes into the spot.

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  • Can we use this thread to talk about which are now the best places to get shoes fixed in DC? I’m a regular at Imperial Valet in Dupont, but they charge an arm and a leg for basic upkeep.

    This week I tried that spot on the corner of 14th and U, but they’re a little surly and definitely charged me a white-girl premium.

    Where do you lady POP-ers (princesses of petworth?) go to get your heel caps and toe tips replaced on your pumps?

    • I saved all my busted shoes and took them with me when I traveled to India (where they’ll do it for almost nothing). Unless they’re $500 shoes it’s not worth what they charge to fix them here.

    • saf

      The old Italian guy on Upshur St across from Domku. I love him – affordable, and does good work.

    • me

      Duke doesn’t charge a “white girl” premium. His charges are listed. And, in fact, he re-heeled a pair of dress shoes for me once and the next time I wore them, the heel got caught between two bricks and the heel was broken again. So he fixed it for free.

  • George’s Shoe Repair on U st. near the firestation. 15th and 16th? A little pricey, but they do a great job.

  • This may be too far for your liking but I take my shoes to Expert Shoe & Luggage Repair at 3808 Northampton Street NW. Northampton is a little street off of Connecticut Avenue right before you get to Chevy Chase Circle. As soon as you pass Magruder’s start looking for it. Yeah, it’s a hump but they’re good.

  • I recommend Corrective Shoe Repair in Dupont Circle (21st and P).

  • Awwww… Sad to see a useful business – one that helps us make use of what we have – go away.

    It had better not become a tanning salon/bank/cereal shop/nail salon!!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a shop that actually sold something or provided a service took over? That, or we could always use a Tryst. Who wouldn’t?

  • I tried Dukes several times and thought he was very expensive and the work fell apart. On top of that, he “lost” my shoes for a good month. This was after he said he would get them done in a week, then said he needed more time…on and on it went. I used to go to the shoe repair place at Union Station and they were cheaper and did a better job. I hope Dukes loses the lease soon. what a waste of a nice corner space.

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