Murder of Coppi’s Co-Owner Still Unsolved

Photo from Flickr user Daquella manera

“Dear PoP,

Has the murder of the owner of Coppi’s ever been resolved? Whatever happened with the investigation?”

It’s my understanding that the investigation is still ongoing. The last update I’ve seen was a detailed article in the Post written last May.

Nori Amaya was murdered in the 3600 block of 16th Street NW ( The Woodner) in Oct. ’09.

Coppi’s is located at 1414 U Street, NW.

You can read the full Washington Post article here.

Has anyone else heard/seen any updates?

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  • wow, i missed that story earlier. from the post article, the boyfriend sounds like the most obvious culprit, even if he is no longer a suspect.

  • She was murdered right down the hall from me on the 11th floor. No arrests yet have made me arm myself. Metro PD are worthless.

  • I also lived at the Woody when this happened. It was very sad to see the MPD posters with her picture in the lobby and convenience store. There is a memorial to her at Coppi’s with a donation box and I give to it every time I go in.

    I certainly haven’t heard anything new in the investigation but it was one of those disturbing moments in life where you realize that you’ve learned the name of someone you probably walked past a million times only after they’ve died. Sad on many levels.

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