MPD Officer Shot at and injured at Delafield and New Hampshire Ave, NW

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I’ve started to get emails from readers asking about the MPD police presence around Crittenden and NH Ave, NW. I just got off the phone with Council Member Bowser who was able to share some details:

1. The incident happened around 4pm.
2. 911 received a phone call about a man walking with a gun around NH and Delafield
3. MPD on the scene pulls up to suspect matching description
4. When officer begins to exit car, man shoots at officer
5. Not clear if officer was shot or injured by glass but he is currently being treated
6. Officers apprehend suspect and gun is recovered.

More info as it becomes available.

UPDATE 5:19pm

From 4-D Cmdr Chisley-Missouri:

“Around 4pm, units received a call for a man with a gun in the area of 3rd and Delafield Pl NW. A male suspect who fit the description given to officers was located at New Hampshire Ave and Emerson St NW. The suspect fired a gun at an officer and then attempted to flee the scene on foot. The suspect was apprehended near New Hampshire Ave and Decatur St NW and taken into custody. The identity of the suspect is not known at this time and the officer is being treated for a non-life threatening injury. Currently, the 4800 blk of New Hampshire Ave is closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic as we continue to investigate. If anyone observed this activity, please call 1-888-919-CRIME. I will keep the community advised with significant updates.”

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  • Best wishes to the officer for a speedy recovery. Maybe with a cop being shot around here they’ll start taking crime more seriously in the area.

  • Have you seen Season 1 of The Wire? You know the response that they bring down on all the thugs after Kima gets shot (doors kicked in, drugs and guns confiscated, criminals rolled up)? That’s what I’d like to see happen here.

    Seriously, this was ON THE SAME STREET about 2 blocks from where Bryant Morillo got gunned down 2 weeks ago.

  • Terrible – thank goodness that the officer was not badly injured. With the shooting a few weeks ago on New Hampshire Ave it seems like there is a bump in violent crime in the area. Has anyone attended the patrol service area meetings? If so, are they helpful?

    This may or may not be related, but anyone know anything about the KTK graffiti?

  • Krylon Tagging Krew from Texas? (I was curious and merely googled KTK Graffiti)

    • Finally, a lead on KTK, hahaha. KTK symbols have recently appeared all over upper Petworth, Nero too. No sooner did the KTK tag get painted over on NH that a new one came up, BEKS. MOE down on the flats seems rampant and a new class of thugs has appeared on U St. This must be related to the IPDUM fiasco and MPDs crackdown on Georgia too. What’s going on with the lack of UGF action on this insanity, oh right, only the thugs have guns, their soliders are apparently authorized to shoot at cops, and their keepers seem to have their hands tied to take effective action against the 1000 strong and growing youth militia. Do they even issue guns and North Face jackets too, out of the back of a truck?

      • I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I wish I did.

        • If we all really want to share information on the incredible network of illegal punk organizations wreaking havoc here in DC, in addition to full disclosure by the City of it’s handling of the youth thug syndicates, it’s time for a non-PoP thug tracking website ( There seems to be interest in a forum to communicate about what we know as residents of this city bearing witness to the ongoing injustice and negative peace that we all know is too real.

          But in the meantime, consider civil disobedience (don’t pay city taxes) or a move back to Iowa, because clearly there is no real intention by the leadership of changing any of this mess anytime soon.

      • BEKS, MOE, KTK etc are not thugs who are robbing people, nor are they affiliated with a criminal gang. This is different than straight letter stuff like VC, VL, MS13, 7th and Taylor, RCC, RHC, etc. The former are graffiti taggers, the latter gang related. You can usually tell by style and by location. KTK is all over the place, whereas the other tags are way more localized. Lesson here is that most graffiti you see in this city is not criminal gang related. There are crews, sure, but they arent shooting peeople and robbing people.

      • KTK is what we call a tagger, similar to MOE, CHE, Borf (of old), etc. KTK tags are not gang-related.

        • ETA: What Hilltop said 🙂

        • and they seem to be from Fort Worth, TX! They must have left TX for a government job in DC.

        • What the hell is the point of a “tagger”? I understand art grafitti, where one actually produces an image or mural. But randomly throwing up pointless initials is the _worst_ kind of grafitti. It has NO purpose except to visually degrade a neighborhood.

  • That is WAY TOO CLOSE to the elementary school at 4th and Decatur. Test scores are way up and those kids and their parents are trying hard to make Petworth a decent place to grow up. This is upsetting.

  • Well, if the shooter is a DYRS graduate, perhaps the cops won’thave their hands tied and will be able to clean a little house.

  • I find it a little strange that in the aftermath of Bryan Morillo’s murder the residents of the block attested that they live in a “quiet neighborhood” where incidents like this rarely happen – how could they say that in light of shootings and killings like this that have taken place over the years just blocks from their residences?

  • You know what drives me nuts, Lanier just recently told the community she knows who all these gangsters are, and asked the media to not reveal what she told them. Clearly she DOES NOT have the situation under control.

    What drives me even more nuts, Gray has ties to the owner of the DYRS overflow house on Colorado! and the council hooked him up big time, but he doesn’t even keep records, how nice.

    Does anyone know whether we as residents can now under law actually ascertain the name of the violent youth offenders living in our community, or do we still live with sanctioned secrecy policy?

    • Did Fenty ever sign this??

      Responding to a wave of high-profile District crimes involving juveniles, the D.C. Council approved sweeping legislation Monday that would allow the public to learn the names of violent criminals under age 18.

      The bill, approved after months of internal debate among council members, undermines the long-standing practice of shielding the identities of youthful offenders who have not been charged as adults.

      Under the legislation, which passed unanimously, complete juvenile records would still be sealed. But a juvenile’s name and offense can be publicly released once that person has been convicted of a violent crime or a major property crime. Once a juvenile has been convicted, his or her personal information can be released for all subsequent arrests, even if there is no conviction for subsequent crimes.

      The bill goes to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D), who has not signaled whether he will sign it.

  • You know? I think this is like the 3rd or 4th person to die around Sherman Circle since the bike rider (AU Student) got robbed and killed…

    Horrible Horrible people did this…and they live amoung us…


  • We don’t know if this was a kid. Sounds more like an idiot with a snoot full of PCP. The kids probably know better than to shoot at a cop. That’s one crew they don’t want to mess with.

  • Well this sucks. Fuck guns.

  • Semi related, I reported 8 shots from the alley off of Emerson closest to 3rd street last week.

    ALSO semi-related..the stretch of New Hampshire that passes the graveyard is SHIT. people treat it like their garbage can – I blame the liquor store, and that nasty ass bodega nearby for attracting a constant (drug loving) menace.

    ALSO I think the laundromat is a front for drug activity…the row houses near the graveyard need to be leveled.

    “Sometimes I feel like I am the only one trying to gentrify this place.”

    • It’s not really gentrification if you are trying to get people to stop shooting up the place. I think that we’d be better served by making noise the Counsel can’t miss. The squeaky wheel and all that. Perhaps they don’t help us because they don’t know that the neighborhood is actually changing. They only see the shit hole it had been.
      Sadly, more of us would rather gripe on the blog than take some kind of action.

  • I think all the aunties who are letting a little thug live out his gangsta dreams rent free in the basement, bedroom, whatever, need to kick the little punks OUT. If they are too scared to do it themselves, it is time to sell and move to Myrtle Beach.

  • It’s all society’s fault, I’m sure. Structural forces beyond their control made them pull guns and shoot at cops!

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