MPD Arrests Armed Robbery Suspect in Shaw

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I’ve said it before and I know I always post about negative crime news but it should be noted (from time to time) that good work is also being done by MPD. I’m not saying we shouldn’t still be frustrated by the recent crime stories but there are a lot of good MPD officers out there and they deserve some props in cases like this:

This morning [Tues.] at approximately 8:00 am officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in the 600 block of Q St, NW. Officers canvassed the area for the suspect and were able to locate the suspect and place him under arrest.

If anyone has any additional information about this robbery please contact Detective Jeffrey Bruce of the Third District Detective’s Office at 202 673-6918.

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  • Crucial to identifying a robber after he’s left the scene is accurate, detailed description by the victim — or, sometimes, the victim joining the officers in the search. Without that assistance, the police can’t do much.

    • +1

      It’s not only unfair, but inaccurate to blame the police for crime. The police are there to respond to incidents of crime and to try to apprehend the criminals – often without willing witnesses or any significant identifying evidence.

      The police are not psychics and cannot appear on the site of a crime *about to happen* in order to catch the crook.

      In my experience, the police have always been very responsive (showing up within minutes of being called), courteous and helpful. It’s not their fault that a car gets broken into or that they don’t catch the mugger because the description was of “some dude in a blue hoodie.”

      • i don’t blame the police. i blame the judges. and the lawmakers. and the poverty pimps.

        • I agree. I was responding mostly to PoP’s intro, which makes it sound like even though the police usually suck, they got one right finally.

          Pointing mainly to where he says that we should (I suppose begrudgingly) acknowledge that “from time to time” the police do good work.

          Apologies if he didn’t mean it that way, but that’s how it reads. It also wouldn’t be the first time people on this post and in other venues have laid the blame of crime on the police.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Yikes, that wasn’t my intention. I was trying to say crime sucks but at least this time someone was caught. Like all orgs, there are good and bad members of MPD but for the most part I have the greatest of respect for them (and actually all of DC’s emergency responders).

          • Sorry for misunderstanding what you meant. We’re on the same page, then!

      • Agreed. The cops are by tradition, constitutional law, and common sense, reactionary. Their presence can sometimes be preventative (proactive), but that’s a side effect of their existence. How reactive (speed and the degree) they are is the only fair judgment of their performance.

        Blaming a neglectful legal environment is much more reasonable. I’m constantly amazed at how Mendo and the City Council turns the attention to “better policing” when crime spikes. How about “better environment to start a business” so that people can find jobs or “better mechanisms for keeping repeat offenders away from normal people” so that vulnerable people aren’t victimized.

        Haven’t we learned any lessons in this city about how to make a better life for people?

  • Yeah, and they always say you should concentrate on things that are hard for them to change – like shoes, pants, facial features, tatoos, etc. if you get the chance.

    It’s sad that these punks are robbing people going to work. I thought that we were safe in the mornings since punks stay up late drinking and druging with victims’ money. Guess not this one.

    Koo-doos to MPD for the arrest!

  • I live in the Logan Circle/Shaw area and have seen cruisers around the blocks by my place, I think, every single day since the year began. Especially in the morning.
    This makes me happy.

    And I initially thought that being out that early was “safer,” but you’d be surprised. I’ve come across some interesting characters to say the least. And it makes you a little nervous BECAUSE there are less regulars out and about if you need help.

  • Yo does anyone know what happened on Georgia Ave? I was seeing 70 buses on Sherman Ave earlier and one even got stuck on Girard street.

  • So, was this a juvenile with a gun (again), or an adult perp?

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