More Frozen Yogurt Options Coming to Dupont

Thanks to a reader for sending the word:

“Just what DC needs, another Froyo place! Seriously?! It’s right on Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont between Hillyer and R St., the old AT&T front between Comfort One Shoes and Ecco.”

Anyone ever hear of Yogi Castle?

After this, which do you think will be announced as the next ‘coming soon’ to Dupont – another frozen yogurt place, a burger place, a cupcake place or another Comfort One Shoes?

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  • Sorta formulaic, sort of flava of the month crap. But hey, if commercial real estate sites are renting, that’
    s good for the local coffers. Just wish we’d see this in Park View, other pieces of CH. Retail gentrification is something I think everyone, except bulletproof stale overpriced shopowners & absentee/foreign landlords, can get behind. It just seems folks over here are brainwashed into thinking nice stuff only belongs in areas like Du Cir.

  • to be fair, the place across the street closed.

  • These Fro-yo places are bumming me out, especially in light of a new fro-yo place moving into the old maps spot in Farragut Square. Enough already.

  • Curious to see just where the market saturation point really is, for these places. I would’ve thought we hit it ages ago, yet they continue to follow a cancer-cell pattern. Another subversion of the laws of nature, along with the charming Cricket cellphone phenomenon.

  • Just be thankful it’s not another cupcake shop.

  • this is a dumb, perhaps naive question, but if we complain to the city council about this, can/will they do anything? honestly, this hurts my property values. when i bought my place in 2004, we had thriving, diverse commerce. now we have too too much of 3 things and none of the others. today’s buyers might look harshly on a neighborhood that doesn’t have much to offer beyond froyo and ugly shoes.

    • You can’t be serious. This comment is satire, right? Fro-yo is hurting your property values?

    • This does not hurt your property values

    • If you want more character or mom n’ pop options, you’ll have to more to a less developed neighborhood. Such is gentrification (cue ominous music). The one quirky up and coming neighborhood becomes increasingly commercialized over time. This is a good sign for your property values. I do agree, it was cooler in 2004 (minus a few very notable additions to the neighborhood, which I think make up for it).

  • Just what we need!

    Can we have get a doner or kathi roll shop please?

  • are they bringing WrapWorks back? anyone?


  • Crepes are the next cancer.

  • i started working in north dupont in summer 2009 and i have definitely noticed the retail options wane since then. an italian men’s shop and a dress boutique closed and became yogurt (ok, gelato) shop and a nail salon. lucky brand jeans is closing (already closed?), lambda rising is gone, coffee and the works is closing too. there are others that i can’t think of right now. i would love to see a more diverse lunch selection (panera? check. cosi? check. five guys and subway? check and check) or even a small grocery to make up for the secret safeway that closed recently. no more yogurt!!!

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