Mood Lounge Coming to 1318 9th St, NW

Back in late Dec. I noted that there was some movement at the old EFN Lounge space at 1318 9th St, NW. At the time a commenter said: “I’m a neighbor to 1318 9th. I talked to the woman who bought/leased the building. It is going to be a restaurant bar called Mood and is scheduled for a New Year’s Eve opening.” Clearly they didn’t make a New Year’s opening but I just noticed a new awning went up. Anyone hear anything else about this new space?

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  • Bring back my Salvation Army.

  • I wrote about Mood Lounge last week actually. They have a website — and apparently opened last weekend.

  • Another pretentious bar. Is there such thing as a pretentious bar that has beer pong?

  • Just thought it was a bad name, touristy location until I went to that website. How is Wong Tong supposed to get his club on when they charge $500 min to sit at a mini-cube coffee table. How do I fit my magnums of Cristal on there?

    • touristy location? that location is still desolate and remote.

      • Convention Center? How is that remote from tourists?

        Regardless, I think this business is doomed. They either capitulate and change in a couple weeks after they realize rich people in DC are more socially conscious than other cities — or they fold in a couple months. Sorry, your business model that worked so well in LA or NYC doesn’t translate here.

        • actually I think it’s demographic. DC doesn’t really have the same wealth as other cities and it definitely doesn’t have the same “young” money.

          • That’s ridiculous. How else do you think all of these recent college graduates working for non-profits or on The Hill pay thousands of dollar’s for rent…oh, mommy and daddy subsidies.

        • walk around the north west side of the convention center and you will see that it is desolate.
          tourists do not go that way on purpose.

  • I will be surprised if this does not close in 6 months to a year. $250 to $1,000 to sit at a table to pretend you are somebody… yawn.

  • Hey Mood Lounge: 2007 called – it wants its wack bottle service ultralounge back.

    seriously, this type of place is way played out.

  • I had a friend go there last week, and told me there were some famous people sitting around chatting and drinking, it’s going to be one of those places. Higher end bar.

  • As long as you can go in and hang at the bar, who cares. There are many clubs/bars that have table service and minimums. (Lotus, Lima, etc.). I’m down for free food and drinks on Fridays!

  • All of you on here clearly don’t have a life if you spending this much time bringing someone down you don’t even know and a place you haven’t been. You guys have some real issue. Lol… WTF.

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