Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth (Reader Request)

This rental is located at 137 Varnum Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“We have a newly renovated basement suite with a private full bathroom available in our NW DC home. The large bedroom has both front and rear windows and the adjoining suite has two large windows as well. You have your own access from the street through the back garden and you have a private patio and garden area with fruit trees. There is a large, brand new walk-in closet and your bathroom has a steam room spa and overhead heater. Washer & dryer are available, we have wireless and utilities are not that much per month. We have a fenced in front and backyard and newly renovated kitchen.”

Does $950 + Utilities sound reasonable for this 2-room basement rental?

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  • hell to the no.

  • I think it’s a bit overpriced given that utilities aren’t included and it’s a bit of a hike to the metro.

  • 950 for 2 rooms in a basement at this address.
    That’s my answer.

  • With limited info I’ll say it’s priced right and will rent within a month or less

    • I totally missed the share the kitchen upstairs part. If that’s the case I wouldn’t pay more than 750 or 800.

  • I’m making an assumption that the “we” in this post refers to a couple. If you have to go upstairs to share the kitchen, you’re essentially looking at a group house where you’re the odd person out. For anyone who actually spends time in the kitchen/likes to have friends over for meals, this could be a serious deal breaker. At that price in the middle of nowhere, I think they’re dreaming.

  • Well it is near two bus lines (60, 64), a much need exercise type walk to the metro station (15-20 min walk),and theres a corner store, liquor store, and carry out nearby.

    Sounds good to me

  • Does a bullet proof vest come with it? The kids walking around these neighborhoods seem to love shooting people.

    • Funny how in 2009 Trinidad was the scary neighborhood, in 2010 Bloomingdale was the scary neighborhood, and in 2011 Petworth is the scary neighborhood.

  • I would share the upstairs kitchen? I’m sure you are fine people, but… no.

    Especially at 950 + utils.

  • 950! Thats some bush! Way too much. ive lived in the area most of my 32 years and never paid more than 800 for an entire unit. i wouldnt pay that just to walk by some fruit trees.

  • Price sounds about right… but that neighborhood is just too scary, even in the daytime.

  • Since the general consenus is rip-off, what would you pay for the basement of a group house in Petworth?

    (Captcha is 4DUM – Paying $900 for this plas is 4DUM People).

  • These people must be smoking that ganja! There is no way I would pay $950 for a cave in Petworth~

  • 100 bucks in rents in two weeks. I find it moderately hilarious that all of you have absolutely no clue how crazy high rents are right now.

  • Well, I bet this will be gone in less than three days. It seems, like most of you on here have no idea what rents are in the area. My basement up the street from this one rents for $1750. Yes, it has its own kitchen but $950 for a two bedroom is way too low. I would price it at around $1400 and it would rent pretty fast. Anyway, can we get a follow up to find out how quickly it rented?

  • I would say no to the price because of the backyard only entrance (notice no front entrance). Walking in an alley late at night is not very comforting especially given the number of rats and smell of trash that is common in D.C. alleys.

    You can easily find a basement apartment with a kitchen in Pleasant Plains for $900 a month. And thats with a 10 minute walk to U Street.

    The problem with this rental (other than the kitchen and alley entrance) is location. Location, Location, Location.

  • At first I thought this was a 2BR too, and I thought “oh that’s pretty cheap.” But I think it’s actually 2 ROOMS, not 2 BEDrooms. So splitting with a roommate wouldn’t work.

    So for a basement BR in a group house, this is pretty expensive. You could find an upstairs room in a house closer to the Metro for less.

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