Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 14th and Meridian Pl, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Sunny and stylish(fully furnished (VERY high end)) 2Bd/2Ba in Columbia Heights with outdoor space. $2400 rent includes all utilities (water, electric (no gas), HD cable with Tivo & high speed wireless internet). Wall mounted high definition flat screen television in living room with built in speakers. Screened in balcony off master bedroom. Large capacity washer/dryer in unit. Full size dishwasher in kitchen. Off street parking is available in public lot (free) across street with AMPLE spaces.”

Does $2400 sound reasonable for this 2Bd/2Ba?

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  • Isn’t that the beginning of Gang Land…?

    I think this one might be priced a bit to high – especially since the parking is not private and seems to be listed as a benefit/incentive for the renter.

    Not to mention, Gas is easily another $100 to $200 for three months a year in winter.

    Maybe around 1,800 +/-

    • I think “no gas” meant that everything is electric, not that you have to pay for it separately.

    • A one bedroom in that area regularly runs near $1800. Reality check.

      • A one bedroom in a new building is 1800. Some of the 1 brs in older buildings are much, much less.

        • Well, let’s just focus on 2 and 3 bedrooms. It’s hard to find a decent 3BR there now for less than $2700, and even further out in Petworth, a 3BR for less than $2500. Haven’t looked at 2BR’s specifically, but the whole area has gotten much more expensive in the last couple years.

  • That kitchen and living room look tiny and the kitchen doesn’t seem high end at all.

    And I don’t see a lot of demand for a furnished 2 bedroom in that location. It seems like a weird spot for 2 roommates with no furniture and the furnishings look wrong for a family. A couple with that kind of dough to through around could find something better.

  • Gang Land? I really don’t know what you mean. This is the corner where Black Eyed Susies just opened up (adorable– go check it out!). Admittedly, Johnny’s “Chinese” can be a little sketchy (yeah, I said it), but it’s an unobjectionable stretch.
    I can’t think what “public” parking there might be nearby. But street parking is pretty reliable, too. Convenience of the location is unparalled in the city.
    This is about $400 less per month (can’t speak to the utilities question) than the Allegro is getting for a 2br/2ba, so I think it’s a passable deal.

  • I think the combination of furnished + 1 year lease is a weird one.

    Otherwise, it looks like a good deal assuming both BR’s are reasonably sized.

  • I think whoever figures out how to provide decent, comfortable, (if un-spectacular- i.e. sans granite/stainless) 1 bedroom apartments in the $1,200 rental range in reasonable walking distance to metro or good bus lines, will contribute greatly to the world and make a decent, if un-spectacular, fortune.

  • I think its a good deal b/c it’s furnished and 2 bed with 2 separate baths. Like paying 1200 for a one bedroom, pretty good deal, which is market price. And close to all the shops in Columbia Heights. And it costs more to live in Dupont than this rental.

  • Also, this is at least $300-$400 too much. It’s freaking tiny. I’ve seen studios that rival the size of this box.

  • I don’t get the opining above. If the nearby Allegro is charging $2800 unfurnished for a comp, then why should this place be $1800 with utilities included? Cable is around $150, and utilities should average say $200/month altogether. That’s a furnished 2 bedroom for $1450! ($1800 – $150 – $200)


    It’s got a balcony — plus it’s furnished and comes with a TV. That’ll save someone who just moved into town 5k – 7k easily.

    The Allegro has a party room, a concierge, and a gym (that I’m pretty sure costs extra) — for those that think this is overpriced, I ask: are the Allegro’s amenities really worth an extra $400 a month? With this unit, you don’t get the nice kitchen or gym access, but you do save thousands on furnishings as well as $400×12 = $3600/year in rent. This is a good value, relatively speaking.

    • well said. its alot to pay, but its not a bad deal. if this were a three-month rental, it would be an excellent deal.

    • No, we’re saying Allegro is overpriced too.

      • I think you’re missing what I did there. Anyone can claim something is over or under priced. My dog can say “rough” when I show him the City Paper ad for new studio apartments in Dupont renting for $1800.

        You should be prepared to provide a rationale to support your claim. Some people think that Columbia Heights’ prices are too close to Dupont’s and therefore unjustifiably high. I say that this means renters are embracing a new paradigm, in which 20009 is no longer the center of the universe. Renters set the market and decide what is a reasonable price. Blog commenters DO NOT set the market. If Allegro’s rented at close to capacity, then by definition it is because they offer what most people believe to be reasonable prices.

  • For a fully/modernly furnished apartment in that neighborhood, it seems almost too good of a deal. However, looking at the pictures, it looks pretty small.

  • It’s not at all out-of-whack for that part of Columbia Heights. This is located at what I think of as the northern border of the newly developed part of Columbia Heights, but as any number of people have noted, you’ll pay a lot more at the Allegro across the street. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, the area from the north of CH Metro to about this place has become a go-to rental market in the District. And if you haven’t looked recently, rents in DC are shockingly high. 2400 for a 2/2 is pretty good, esp. with utilities and furnishings included.

    • But the issue still stands – who is going to want a 1 year lease on a place furnished like that?

      It’s not furnished in a child friendly manner, a couple will want an office in the second bedroom (and can probably find the same thing cheaper elsewhere) and when do you find 2 roommates wanting a year lease and who own no furniture?

      It just seems a little strange.

      • Sure, it’s weird, but you only need one tenant(s) who likes the concept. I actually can think of times in my life when that would have been appealing: like when I was fresh out of grad school, starting a job here, and had only really crappy furniture that wasn’t worth paying to move here and insufficiently funded to buy new stuff. 1-yr in a furnished place in a central neighborhood would have probably piqued my interest quite a bit: essentially a transitional, low-commitment period to DC that would have given me time to get my bearings, save a little $$ to buy my own furniture, etc.. (And my then-roommate was in exactly the same boat.)

        Not to say that I disagree with you as a general proposition, just that whoever is renting this place only needs to find SOME tenant who could benefit from what he’s offering.

  • Well….all these comments make me feel good about our place. We live <1 block from this apartment. We are renting an entire rowhouse (with the exception of the basement): 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, large kitchen, formal dining room, partially furnished, for $2400 month (no utilities included). Our house was refurbished within the last ten years and is much, much nicer than this ad. I think the posted price is a bit high!

    • Thanks for the sanity.

      My realtor told me that the standard rent for a house in DC (that is not right on top of a metro or otherwise coveted by yuppies) is $1,800.

      I think people should use that as a baseline when thinking about how good or bad a deal is.

      • What alternate reality is your realtor living in? $1800 for a house in DC, even one not on top of the metro?

        Not in any kind of desirable neighborhood, that’s for sure.

        • Two years ago I was renting a 3-bedroom townhouse in SW (5 minute walk from the metro) for $1600/month. I think a lot of renters don’t want a townhouse because they are either too expensive or lack the ammenities (esepcially security) of an apartment.

      • You need a new realtor. That is not good market intel you got.

  • I lived two blocks south for much, much less. There’s a reason the Allegro went bankrupt. The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

  • If you look at what’s included, this is actually a reasonable deal. Factor in $120/month for cable/internet/Tivo, $100/month for electric, and you’re really looking at more like $2200/month. I think that’s totally reasonable (depending, of course, on the size of the apartment) for a first asking price. Somebody will probably pay it, and if they won’t, then somebody else will pay $2200 for sure.

    I do agree with other posters, though, that a fully-furnished 2/2 seems a little strange, especially with a full-year lease required.

    Also, the Allegro isn’t overpriced – if it were, it wouldn’t be full to capacity. Like it or not, the market sets the price, and the market is anything but rational.

  • They staged it well, but way too small for 2 people.

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