Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Anna J. Cooper Circle (Reader Request)

“Dear PoP,

Not sure if you’ve run across this new rental property in that huge mansion on Anna J. Cooper Cir. Below is the Zillow result I found it listed. That house still continues to fascinate me.”

Awesome, I’m a huge fan of Anna J. Cooper Circle. We actually looked at the neighboring house in early Nov. which has some good history. Zillow lists the house for rent at:

Address: 1903 3rd St NW, Washington DC 20001
For Rent: $2,350/mo
2 Beds, 2.5 Baths, 1,100 sqft

It must be split up because that home looks way larger than 2 beds.

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  • The listing clearly says “basement apartment.” The pics look not too bad, but … basement, enh.

  • The pictures dont look good at all. The place looks terrible. I love this house. I wish they didnt make it so ugly inside. I hope they did better upstairs or its one of the biggest screw ups in housing renovations. This house deserves far better.

    The price is far too high for a basement apartment that looks horrendous. 2br basement that lacks just about everything wouldnt go for 2350 in dupont.

  • It looks pretty well lit for a basement apartment, but the price seems insanely high for an apartment in that location, let alone a basement.

  • amazing location; looks like they could have gone with nicer fixtures and finished in the apartment; i HIGHLY doubt they skimped upsatirs and am quite sure upstairs is amazing; the horrendous photography isn’t helping; they really need to get in there with a nicer camera and a realtor that’s not tasteless and lazy

    • Amazing location? I live relatively near here and i’ve never heard the area called “amazing”.

      • I live right across the circle from this house and I thnk the neighborhood is amazing. The people in Ledroit are great, the houses are beautiful, and there is true feeling of community. Maybe you shouldn’t comment on the quality of a neighbohood that you only live “relatively near.”

        • Maybe you shouldnt get your boxers in a bunch over a passing comment.

          When someone says the location is amazing, its a pretty loaded phrase.

          For the record, I love that circle, the house is probably one of my 5 favorite houses in DC, and I love LeDroit Park. In fact, I like LeDroit in some ways better than where I ended up living (but we’re talking about a matter of blocks). There is a ton going for the neighborhood.

          However, amazing is a pretty shockingly strong term – especially in the context of the price…

          I try to be realistic about my assessment of neighborhoods – and I think there are enough weaknesses (you may not be able to acknowledge them, but others can) for me to not describe it as “amazing”. I’m thrilled that there are folks that do, but its all subjective assessment – no need to get condescending and provincial and try to cast me as some outsider. I’m your neighbor, get a grip.

  • No way. I pay about $500 less for a 2BR/ 2BA in the same neighborhood but closer to metro and above ground.

  • I lived there, and it was remarkably unpleasant. The homeowners are always around, frequently squabbling with one another. Their cats are aggressive and annoying. It’s totally overpriced for that neighborhood. Stay away!

    • you lived there? for how long? i thought the house renovation was just recently completed?

      • I suspect Rachel_Noon was talking about the neighborhood and not the actual house. No one has lived in the basement unit yet. I have seen the basement unit and it is not a normal DC basement unit. Lots of windows and light from multiple sides of the house.

        • strange she would make such specific and negative comments about the owners and apartment; most of the neighbors know that place has been a construction site for a long time now; Rachel where exactly did you live? in the house pictured? maybe another house on the circle? or in brian brown’s basement?

    • aggressive and annoying cats?

    • Um, did you live there through the last year that it’s been under construction? I suspect you’re mistaken.
      I think it’s a couple hundred too high but maybe it comes with two parking spaces, the lot is huge…

  • Seems a little pricey for the neighborhood. Looks like a good amount of space for a basement (although the bedrooms are probably tiny-hard to tell), but still pretty high. More like $1800/2000?

  • I’m surprised by the negative comments. My girlfriend and I looked at this place last week and it was really nice and seemed about right price-wise based on other places we saw in the area.

    • Don’t be surprised – there is a contingent on here that thinks every real estate post is overpriced.

  • I’d pay more for agressive cats

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