Mighty Pint Looking to Stay Open Until 5am on Weekends

The Mighty Pint opened up in June ’10 in the old Madhatter space at 1831 M St, NW. A recent liquor license amendment says they’re looking to stay open until 5am:

Monday through Sunday 11:30am-5am”

So I was trying to think of other spaces that are open past 3am. Can you think of any?

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  • That’s a negatory…although I feel TERRIBLE for anyone who would have to work a shift that late. Ugh you wouldnt get home until 8:30AM – 9:00AM.

  • Not a chance of this happening.

  • why not? there is nothing residential around there at all, who would care?

    there are plenty of nightclubs in town that stay open past 3 on weekends.

    • There is a residential building directly across the alley from the Mighty Pint. This is horrible news if it happens; the place is already intolerably loud with the usual 2-3am closing time.

      • if all the bars didn’t have to close at the same time soon after last call it would be quieter when they were closing. as it now stands the strict closing time laws mean all the bars have to eject their patrons in the same short period, which leads to confrontations between people on crowded sidewalks, public urination, and loud crowds of people. Keeping bars open until 5 or later smooths out the departure of revelers and reduces problems. This is obvious to anyone who has spent time in cities without mandated closing times.

  • This should happen. DC residents nearly NYC rent but get none of the accommodations. I want sh*t to stay open to 5 am. I want to be able to walk out of my apt. and buy tulips at 2 am in addition to some grapes and a slice of pie. That however, would add too much to temptation for this type A, tight a@@ city for it to function.

    • No thank you. I like having at least one of everything NYC has without the blaring traffic at 3 AM. I live three blocks from Chinatown and hear birds outside every single morning. I will gladly sacrifice not being able to buy tulips or whatever for a city that is not incredibly insane.

      and for the record, we pay far less in rent than NYC.

  • The bars at The Diner in Adams Morgan and Annie’s Steakhouse on 17th are both open and serving 24 hours on weekends.

  • Can we rewind one sec? Since when is the Madhatter closed? They’ve been running really annoying ads on cable TV throughout the fall and winter to get people in to watch football. I’m not missing the Madhatter, I just hate those ads.

  • If bars can’t set their own hours than no “office building” should be allowed to have employees in the building past 5pm. Same logic since the time of last call does not change.

  • Yeah, they can’t serve alcohol any later, so it’s better for everyone (except employees) if the bars are able to stay open however late they want.

    I do think last call should be pushed back to 3:30 (at least) though… Enough with the blue laws and over-legislation.

  • This is terrible news… for Camelot (next door).

  • You’ll never succeed in turning this old southern town into your own little New York City, so might I suggest you go there to pursue your dreams of 5 AM last calls, 2 AM tulips, slices of pie, and last but not least, grapes.

  • pop,
    have you done a post on 24 hour places?

  • Martins that just opened on 9th between U and T had the same 5am request. I’m not sure that it was approved but I don’t think it’s that unusual of a request.

  • It will be what they call a “soft close” liquor will stop being served, but patrons can stay until 5. Club 5 used to do this a lot. Ad did Red.

  • whatever happened to club red? for that matter, where the hell WAS that place? i had only ever visited after bars had closed, so it was very late and i was very drunk. just get in a cab and say “RED” and they would take you there. i don’t recall a sign, but there were doormen, creepy house music, darkness and water bottles. and obviously a magic portal because i somehow always ended up safely back at home the next day.

  • Yes, isn’t the location where not “Fly” is? So I thought.

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