Mandu’s 2nd Locations Opens up in Mt. Vernon Square Mon. 5pm

I had the opportunity to stop by Mandu’s 2nd location in Mt. Vernon Square Sat. afternoon to take a quick peek at the space. It is located at 453 K Street, NW in the City Vista complex next door to Kushi. The space looks great and I’m digging the duck theme. Though the classic bibim bap will still be available, Kitchen Manager, Je Kang told me that the Mt. Vernon square location will also have a few options not available at the 1805 18th St, NW location including a few more vegetarian options. (See mock service menu after the jump.)

We judged Mandu’s 18th St, NW location back in Feb. ’09.

1st floor bar

More photos including the mock service menu after the jump.

1st floor seating as you enter the front door

1st floor seating back

Loft space (2nd floor) seating

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  • How are they only going to have one kind of Kimchi Jjigae? Also there is pretty much no seafood and you have to pay extra to get the Bibim Bop in a stone bowl?

    This isn’t real Korean food.

    also, look at me I am snob.

    • Yeah, and you spelled it wrong. Getting Jjigae With It

    • Rob
      Pretty much everywhere I have been, and that includes a year in Korea, charges you extra for Dol Sot Bibim Bop.

    • As far as I know, most Korean restaurants only have one type of kimchi jjigae, unless it is a specialty kimchi jjigae joint. Also, daegoo maewoon tang and soon doobu are excellent seafood options on the menu.

      I agree a couple years ago when they first opened their 18th St location, a lot of the dishes were a bit watered down to try to cater to American palettes. But I don’t see how you can call their food not authentic anymore.

      I just ate at the new City Vista location, and everything I had was tasty!

  • Very exciting! Mandu (as I’m sure someone will shortly note) probably isn’t the best Korean food ever, but it’s certainly delicious. And seeing as this neighborhood doesn’t have any other Korean options, it’s certainly good enough for me.

  • As a Korean, yes I agree it isn’t the most authentic, but it is nonetheless tasty and I love the DC locations. The happy hour (at least at 18th street) has cheap mandu and interesting drinks (aloe martini anyone?). I also think it is a great place to take someone who is unfamiliar with Korean food to ease them into the experience.

  • I was there on Saturday- the new space is fantastic.

  • I know the family behind Mandu – good folks. Glad to see them doing well and to see the neighborhood start to grow.

  • The interior looks really cool. I can’t wait to try the food. I’m Korean and excited there’s another option for Korean food in the District which is very limited. My mother likes the food and that’s a good sign since she’s picky about her Korean food – which she eats everyday – Mandu has the Korean mommy “bump.” (And I believe the birds are Cranes which in Korean culture symbolize longevity and are considered spiritual and holy.)

  • i don’t know jack about authentic korean, but the mandu on 18th has given me some tasty food and drink. if someone wants to point out something better, i’ll try it.
    my only other experience in dc with korean is at youngs deli, which i love, but it’s a bit like a food trough.

  • Mandu is terrible. Their food tastes like crap. If you want good Korean food, seriously invest your time into going out to Annandale. And if that is too far for you, try out Rice Bar next to the Greek Deli on L St and 19th NW.

    Seriously, Mandu is one of the worst restaurants I’ve been to in DC. The kimchee is horrible, the bibimbap is lackluster, and the other ‘korean’ dishes are the least authentic and peculiar tasting dishes. Only the dduk-bok-kee is decent. Seriously.

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