Man Shot at 5th and Kennedy St, NW

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Here we go again. This comes after yesterday’s afternoon shooting at a police officer nearby at New Hampshire Emerson St NW. From MPD:

“Around 3pm, units received a call for a shooting at 5th and Kennedy Sts NW. An adult male victim was located suffering from an apparent non-life threatening gunshot wound. The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, black cap with a scarf covering the face armed with a handgun.

Detectives are conducting interviews at this time and we ask that anyone with information please call 1-888-919-CRIME.”

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  • Lock. It. Down.

  • The detectives should just check with DYRS and the Dupree house roster! For christ sake already, get on it, children with guns are running (ruining?) this town.

  • Look the reason why teenagers are doing most of the violent crime in this city is because they are more likely to receive lenient jail terms of caught than someone who is an adult. A 15 year old can murder someone but there a great possibility that he’ll be out by the time he’s 21.

    The old heads (21 and over) are the ones that are controlling these young dudes out here 90% of the time.
    Think about it…..

  • Any other yuppies out there starting to question their decision to move to “transitioning” Petworth?

  • 3 unmarked cars, men in Kevlar and some sort of guns running around Delafield off 14th street this evening. Related? Ahh, urban living.

  • Hey DT put a picture up so when I see you I’ll know my target lol. Punk ass bitch.

    • You really ought to think twice before you threaten someone on a blog like that.

    • Seriously? Just in case you didn’t know, you’re part of the problem.

      • Shadow spends a lot of time on other blogs with the same attitude. Apparently Armageddon is coming and it’ll have on North Face jacket and a Glock.
        Those days are winding down, Shadow, Inc. People can’t and won’t stand for this thug bullshit much longer. It’ll only be a little while until there are more concerned citizens here than bad parents and scared or apathetic neighbors.

  • That’s the rub, though–crazy folks hurting/killing each other, not gentrifiers. Yet the property’s still valuable, there are many more “normal” folk in these neighborhoods who are not criminals or tolerant thereof. Accordingly, I agree that the issue’s more how DC–whether law enforcement, courts or diversion/treatment can’t seem to deal with the juvenile crime issue.

    Irony is if you’re a yuppie, you’d probably want to be more on your guard re: being mugged/raped/adducted walking Adams Morgan wasted, or a dark cobblestone street corner at Prospect and 34th NW, or hell even coming out of an office building downtown some evenings. The burbs aren’t always Shangra La: foreclosures, plummeting home values from overbuilt McMansions, soccer moms committing DUIs, drug use, domestic violence, etc etc.

    I think if you mind your patch of urban homesteading, lobby for retail gentrification, make friends with the normal law abiding old head and families in the hood–life will be good. The knuckleheads will have nowhere to go.

    On a macro level, all most of them need is hope and a vision that they mean something–that their lives mean something. That’s not pie in the sky–that pays dividends. Jails are full of hopeless people. As for the rest who refuse to be salvaged, well, maybe we need Berhard Goetz here.

  • Let’s not jump to conclusions too quickly, at least not without some more info. Was this a robbery? Personal dispute between the shooter and the victim? Random shot fired by some idiot with a gun hitting an innocent bystander? Does the shooter live in the neighborhood? (Obviously we won’t know that until he’s caught.) If so, what’s up with the parents?

    One thing’s clear, though. This city has to do something about kids with guns. A little pro-active police work would be nice. DCPD seems to just respond to crimes rather than attempt to prevent them in first place (along with writing traffic tickets, which appears to me to be their specialty). They’re also experts at making excuses about why they can’t do more to prevent crime. Other cities with the same problems manage to do it, so they can spare me the alibis.

  • I live right by Rudolph School and there has been a lot of violent crime there lately. It is very odd because all of my neighbors are very nice and older. I wonder why the crime in this area? Also, that it way to close to a school, a kid could have gotten hurt.

    • I live by Rudolph as well, but was not aware of anything beyond the high profile incidents discussed here already and the car mirrors that were smashed on the south side of the school last week.

      • There was the large drug bust on the 5100 block of 3rd st a few weeks ago, the shooting on NH Ave on New Years Day, the shooting that happened Tuesday and there was one more shooting but the specifics escape me at the time.

  • Some of these answers are crazy on here. I work for the DC Govt, and have not always been a fan of the police, but they respond to alot of pointless calls, and this is a major city so the calls for service are non stop. If you dont like DC that much, you can always go to NOVA or Howard, Anne Arundel counties. And to the guy who said I wish all the blacks would move already, you need jesus.

  • Thanks DC Democrat Party! Kwame, Yvette, Jim, Mary, Tommy, etc. Thanks for being total dillweeds when it comes to protecting good people (young and old) against bad people (young and old).

    If you think you as an adult have it bad with out of control kids, try being one of their classmates. You have no protection against their violence and intimidation.

  • I wish so badly there were fearless vigilantes rushing into the fray…justice is broken right now. DC needs some loose cannons.

    • Sadly it is unlikely there ever will be. We all have too much to lose, and no matter how much we dislike what these asses are doing in our neighborhood, it doesn’t directly effect us. When it does, we’ll hem and haw until the Council has a meeting, Lanier comes and tells us the police know what’s going on and not to worry. With a shrug of our shoulders, we’ll go back about our business.

  • you wish all the blacks would move? i wish all the idiots like you would stay the fuck out of my city. a mater of fact, i wish all white people like you would hurry up and get mugged, shot, and jacked all ready. it sure would keep the neighborhood affordable.

    how dare you move to a historic black neighbored because your cheap ass cant afford Wisc. AVE. and than say “you wish all the blacks would move” ….typical white person.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Ed. Note: The person who wrote “all blacks should move” is obviously a troll or worse. Normally I would’ve deleted that comment but I missed it and there were already 5 responses that would’ve been messed up if I deleted.

      The guy who left the comment is obviously an ass.

      But note that your comment also goes over the line. So just because somebody is an asshole doesn’t give you the right to be equally an asshole.

    • I certainly don’t wish all blacks would move. But DC will be a lot less dysfunctional when the suburbs have a greater share of regional poverty. Right now VA has 10 homeless per 10000 residents. MD has 20. DC has 105.

      Finally, at the risk of starting an argument, it’s not “your city”, nor are most of these neighborhoods “historically black.”

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