Looks Like Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria Still Coming to Adams Morgan

On Friday we talked about Boston’s Upper Crust Pizzeria which will be opening a DC location downtown at 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. At the time a reader asked if Mellow Mushroom Pizza was still coming to Adams Morgan in DC. I hadn’t heard of Mellow Mushroom but their Web site says:

“Mellow Mushroom opened in 1974 when three college students founded a business that reflected their eccentric philosophies. They saw pizza baking as an art form, and wanted to bring joy to others by exercising their art. The first store was created out of an old liquor store on Spring Street near Georgia Tech. To accommodate the long lines and gaining popularity, more Mellow Mushrooms sprung up around Atlanta.”

And indeed when you go to their future franchises page (screen shot above) you see Washington DC (with a photo of 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan) opening in May ’11.

Think they’ll be able to break the jumbo slice monopoly in Adams Morgan?

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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  • I love love love Mellow Mushroom pizza. I lived in Durham for grad school for 3 years. Their pizza is fantastic. If they stay open late on weekends, that would be great. Only wish they would go to U St. instead (even though it’s not that far from Adams Morgan), I try to avoid Adams Morgan at night. So maybe I’ll just go there during the day.

  • Mellow Mushroom is great! Just remember to hold the top of the cup when you pour out the margarita!

  • Joy! They had a location in Charlottesville when I was in school, and it was pretty quality. Plus it had a pretty excellent tap menu. Quite excited about this coming to DC.

  • Like Roman, I’m from Durham, though I first ran into Mellow Mushroom in Raleigh. I would absolutely love for one (or more!) to open in DC. It’s a fancier kind of pizza than is generally found in Adams Morgan though. I’m kind of surprised that they’d choose that location, as the few of their stores I’ve been to haven’t generally been located in bar-centric areas.

  • This makes me very happy. I have missed Mellow Mushroom since moving from Lexington, KY 18 months ago. Their food is really quite good.

    It’ll be packed in Adams Morgan, which isn’t my preferred thing, but is surely a smart business decision for them.

  • I don’t like mushrooms. Can you get a pizza without mushrooms from them?

    • They aren’t talking about the kind of mushrooms you put on a pizza. It’s a reference to psychedelic mushrooms. The kind you take in college that make you hallucinate.

      • I don’t eat that kind of mushrooms either.

      • Why did you stop in college? And they’re visions – not hallucinations – and does anyone know where I can get some? Totally JOKING – as far as PoP liability anyway. . .

    • no, when you walk in the door, they force-feed you mushrooms until you collapse gasping and sputtering. Then they don’t let you leave until you eat a mushroom pizza with a mushroom crust washed down with a mushroom smoothie

  • yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

  • Bear

    I am from Atlanta, and this makes me very happy.

    • Me too. It’s one of the few things that I miss from Atlanta, and when I go back home I always head to Mellow Mushroom. Hopefully they can offer individual slices at more times than just during lunch (like they do down south).

  • from my days in NC I will also sanction this place. Good creative pizzas and If I remember right hey had good beer too

  • This is great! I went to school in NC and couldn’t tell you how many nights started off with a Kosmic Karma from Mellow Mushroom. I absolutely love this place and can’t wait to see it in DC!

    It will destroy a jumbo slice any day.

  • Summers in Boone NC were defined by three things: Skateboarding, searching for booze and cigarettes, and eating mellow mushroom with a bunch of dirty hippies. This is going to be awesome. Jumbo-Slice, kiss your asses goodbye!

  • next we’ll have new englanders telling us about their great bbq franchise.

  • Nice. I used to eat at the one in Charleston, SC; great pizza, and good beer!

  • great news! love the charlottesville location.

  • Love this! Grew up next the original Mellow Mushroom and it is always the first place I go when I visit Atlanta. Tofu sandwiches are awesome.

  • So is the only reason we think they are coming to Adams Morgan because of the picture of 18th St? If that’s all we are going on, I doubt that they would pop up in this location. They are likely just using a photo to represent DC, because it is a cool picture. I would imagine them opening up in U St or Logan Circle.

    The one in Tallahassee gave me indigestion for 3 years, but I still went every week. The discomfort was worth it for the taste.

    • pretty sure they are opening a couple doors up from the Reef on 18th street. Also why would logon or U street be a better fit for what seems to be a college oriented pizza hangout?

      • Because most of the locations I have seen (in fairness, only 4) have been in areas that would fit U St, Logan or, even better, cap hill. They’re often on retail strips in cool funky neighborhoods (often by colleges, although I think they’ve expanded that model). Usually they aren’t quite in the heart of things like they would be on 18th St. I would also think that no matter where they open up, people will travel from all over the city to go there, so it doesn’t make much sense to me to locate yourself in an area where the rents will be so high. But whatever – I’m happy that we’ll be getting one wherever it is.

  • Please let Jittery Joe’s be coming too!! I promise to be a good girl.

  • Mellow Mushroom just tweeted my girlfriend – they are opening up in the old 18th and Red space.

    I have to go let my money know where its all getting spent this summer.

  • I worked at the Mellow Mushroom on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs (Atlanta burb) when I was a junior in high school in 1978/79. The guys who started the company were a bunch of Georgia Tech hippies. My pay checks came from Red Bud Incorporated and we had a giant mural of a mushroom smoking a joint in the dining room just to give you an idea. They were a great company to work for back then and I still love their pizza. Can’t believe they’re a national chain now. After living for over 20 years in the pizza wasteland that is DC (it has gotten better the last few years I will say) I’m happy to see them coming.

    • I grew up in Atlanta eating at this location and was there long enough for that location to become too popular and crowded for its small size. The new location, a few blocks south, is really nice but doesn’t have the “charm” of the old spot.

  • i love all the NC love on this thread! so stoked to be getting a mellow mushroom just blocks away from my apt – just like when i lived in durham. my first order will be a margarita, mandarin salad and half order parmesan pretzels. YUM.

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