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  • went for Happy hr last week…left not so happy after seeing their prices.

  • A drinking or eating establishment should never have the word “dirty” in its name.

  • Like their happy hour a lot. They have a select half-off appetizer menu which is nice. Their cocktail list is not really discounted, so that is not fun.. but the waiter advised that ordering a house martini with call liquor, you can get them for around $5.

    Note, their call liquor is not garbage. It was svedka for vodka, and Jack Daniels for bourbon.

    Great grilled calamari too.

    • I think you may be misusing the term “call liquor”

      • I disagree…”call liquor” i.e CAS called out the specific brand he/she wants.

        Or perhaps you were thinking that Svedka or JD should have been a “rail liquor”? That would sure be a rare (but welcome)bar!

        • Yeah – I mean why would you then say “its not garbage” the sentence makes a lot more sense if it read “the rail liquor is not garbage”. Call liquor can be whatever you want it to be. Or maybe i’m misunderstanding something… I really dont know.

  • I went there Friday night and dirty danced for a while, but you’re right, the prices left something to be desired.

  • FYI – Jack Daniels is not a bourbon, but rather a Tennessee whiskey.

  • Dirty Martini absolutely sucks! Went there for happy hour and it was so boring and sad it literally felt like a funeral. Drinks were overpriced. For a bar that is named “Dirty Martini” one would they have some great ones but far from it, the dirty martini I ordered was terrible.

    For the best happy hour in DC go to Barcode.

    • I miss 1223 and their all you can drink happy hour! The ‘renovation’ destroyed what was once an incredibly fun place….

  • Their bar menu includes this under “Bar Philosophy”:

    • We only use rare small batch spirits in the
    • We make many of our bitters, syrups,
    tinctures, jams, and garnishes.
    • We only use the freshest citrus juice daily.
    • We only use the freshest herbs in our creations,
    which we grow most of.
    • The menu is broken down into categories, for
    easy understanding of our products. of our cocktails.”

    Rare, small batch liquors, eh? Funny that none appear on their list of liquors.

  • This place looks like a joke. The name is too gimmicky, a “dirty martini” is not even a classic martini but a variation of the “kangaroo” :

    It seems like this place was rushed open, too many grammatical errors in the menu, “The Vesper cocktail, invented and named by fiction agent 007”

  • I actually really like Dirty Martini. The drinks are a bit expensive, but not out of line for a well-made cocktail in DC. I’ve only been twice, but both times the bartenders made me a drink based on what I like, and both times the drink turned out great. I was especially pleased with my dirty cayanne pepper martini.

  • I like Dirty Martini! I really like that there is a classier place (despite the dirty name) to go to in Dupont. Don’t get me wrong, the sweaty, dirty bathrooms and drunken idiots of big hunt and lucky bar have their moments, but sometimes getting a little dolled up for a nice, overpriced cocktail is fun! FYI… this is a Michael Romeo establishment (Fur, Midtown…) so the i think the name is pretty fitting.

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