Judging Restaurants – Zee’s Restaurant

Zee’s restaurant opened up back in Nov. at 600 Florida Ave, NW in Ledroit Park. Today, the Post’s Tom Sietsema gives them a great review. I’m particularly eager to try this one out:

“Curried goat, cooked over a low fire until the meat is tender, is almost a meal for two when you factor in the accompanying lettuce salad, the chunky potatoes and the folded flatbread known as roti.”

Anyone else check them out yet? Another must order dishes? You can take a look at the inside and some photos of the menu here.

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  • Do they serve beer yet?

  • Havent made it there yet, but thanks for posting this. I’m thrilled its getting good reviews. Any idea how busy they’ve been, are they going to make it for a while?

  • Ate there in December and I agree with the review. The food tastes home cooked, in a good way. The hot sauce is also fantastic. As a bonus, the owner seems like a nice guy. I hope they get their liquor license ASAP.

  • Sean is a great guy, nice to see him in business with his mom and sister! Good location too, especially once the theatre is all fixed up…

  • whats going on with the red building in the picture? is anything going in there?

  • I don’t know anything about Trini food, but they catered my office holiday party and I liked it!

  • I walk by here daily and the sign about Hot Vegetable Soup sounds delicious, but I have yet to go in there. I have spoken with the owner once or twice and he is very very friendly, that is for sure. Major props to him for taking the risk to open up in a transitioning neighborhood.

    Hoping they succeed and that the food tastes as good as I hear!

  • that whole block is great for food. there is the ethiopian place and then wazobia, a great dive. next door is going to be another restaurant, but the contractors inside didn’t know anything more than that.

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