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  • Emmaleigh504

    Thumbs down.

  • Thumbs WAYYYYYYY down…. hideous.

  • this one is fine. all 3 houses in the shot look kinda dull and boring. this continuous facade is really dull, but not offensive or jarring.
    but really what it makes me think of is that it should be easier to combine properties in dc. we’ve got these 10 wide lots that just force people to do this if they want more space but want to stay in the city. i know i would like another floor in my house to expand my home business, and still leave room for having kids.
    maybe its easy now. hell i don’t know, i can’t afford it. it seems like i’ve seen a lot of old places that clearly annexed the lot next to it, and i’ve seen large developments that have done this. but i haven’t seen low density condos or sfh’s do this within the past 10 years or so.

  • I looks worse in person. Thumbs down.

  • More so than the pop-up-ness, it’s just plain ugly.

  • I agree with Anon. At least he pop-up matches the main house and it all fits in with the block, i.e. house to the right with siding. Granted it’s not the best-looking block in the world but I don’t think that’s b/c of the popup. Although, I’m just judging from the photo- haven’t seen it in person.

  • They screwed up the windows. If they’d used full sized ones on the 3rd level to match the ones on the 2nd level it would look much less offensive. Using smaller, cheaper, readymade windows = garbage, cheap construction.

  • There’s actually a bunch of these in the vicinity. This would not fly in Capitol Hill proper, methinks.

  • I think you should change the name of these posts to: Vertical Humor.

  • Extending the Capitol Hill historic district would solve these issues.

  • ewwww dislike! It sticks out and looks so awkward there, plus the siding makes it hideous. What a disgrace compared to the many beautiful row homes in the district!

  • Where in Hill East is this one located?

    Someone is building a pop-up on the 1700 block of Mass Ave SE that would probably generate some discussion if posted here. While it isn’t complete, it definitely stands out as it is the first one on the row to pop-up, and it’s on the row of houses that made for part of the backdrop of the Minority Report scenes shot in Speilberg Park.

    It’s already caused quite a bit of controversey on the Hill East list serv!

  • So ugly the neighbors’ property value just went down. Who would want to live next to that?

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