Judging Buildings – New York Ave in Mt. Vernon Square

Looks like the new building going up next to Yale Lofts and near City Vista between 4th and 5th on New York Ave, NW is nearly completed (on the outside at least). I believe a reader said these would be rentals when completed but I’m not 100% sure. I’m kinda neutral on this building – anyone really like it or really hate it?

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  • Sure it’s nice, but sort of dwarfed by that monstrosity next to it…

  • When they buy the house next to it and destroy or rebuild it, I would like it!

  • I like the facade…has a pretty good 1920s era vibe, similar to other older buildings…i.e. this didn’t try too hard to have a contemporary AKA trendy AKA ugly by 2020 look.


  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to see New York Avenue fill in up there like Mass Ave did between Dupont Circle and Union Station? It’s kind of a wasteland but has a lot of potential. A very good but very underserved location.

  • I think Bozutto had plans for a large apartment building next to the newly constructed Yale apartments that are featured in this post. The plans, as I recall, involved moving the historic buildings to another part of the site and building right up against this new building. I heard recently that Bozutto has backed away, but I expect someone else will step in — this area’s booming and convenient and definitely on the upswing.

  • i think this building is great.
    there is a new one going in across the street too.

  • My only complaint is that there isn’t any active ground floor space.

    • should every building have ground floor retail ( i assume you mean tto say retail?)

      what if it is not economically feasible or preferable to do it?
      city vista just recently filled up. other projects are slated nearby.

  • Not bad, but love those two old buildings next two it. Sure hope there is a way to integrate them into whatever gets built there in the future.

  • absolutely gorgeous. beautiful proportions, careful detailing, quality construction. unbelievable that a developer had the vision to put these in.

  • I really like the facade detail on Yale West. It’s turning out very nice and complements the Yale East building . I like the window treatment and the cornice molding. It looks like it’ll be around a while. I would like more of these industrial-style buildings to sprout up in the neighborhood. The residential development by Douglas/Kettler at 450 K looks to be promising as well.

  • I bet the people M Street hate it. There went all their natural light.

  • I think it is a great building compared to the mass quantity of “halo” buildings that popped up all over the are in the last 10 years. I think the facade is great. This part of down was and still is in some ways a PoS. So it is nice that a well constructed building that will bring some shine back.

  • Other than proximity to work or the 395 tunnel, what are the benefits of living in this area? Save for a few exceptions, it’s a total wasteland.

  • Not liking the mammoth, windowless wall abutting the small, old building – really lacks grace and looks cheesy. Hope that was not intended as the permanent arrangement.

  • Tom,

    The old building is supposed to be moved, and another high-rise is supposed to be built adjacent to Yale West. So, the mammoth, windowless wall is not a permanent feature.

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