Judging Buildings – Arena Stage

I know we’ve talked about Arena Stage before but I finally got to see it in person. Holy freaking cow – it is truly amazing. I promise you these pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice – so I hope it encourages some folks to head on down to take a look (or see a show). I’m still marveling it at a full two days after taking these shots. Arena stage is located at 1101 6th St, SW.

Couple more shots after the jump.

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  • I’m seeing my first show there tomorrow (Arabian Nights)! I pass by it almost every day but this will be my first time inside.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Man, you didn’t go inside? The inside is amazing, and there’s a restaurant with lots of seating and open to the public. They even have a chef! I saw Arabian Nights on Sunday. The new theatre Kogod cradle is very “cozy” and will be a great place for new plays.

  • Great job, though not sure I like that they left the old building form inside the awesome new exterior facade.

    I hear they have an awesome roof deck too, can’t wait to check out a sunset from their roof someday this year.

    There was talk for some time of having the Miss Ann owners offer up their fine yacht for before- or after-show festivities, but no movement on that yet.

  • Love it. Thrilled people are finally making an effort to build interesting stuff in DC.

  • Saw Oklahoma there. When you first walk in you think it has tons of wasted space but when everyone is trying to get to the various stages you thank God for the room. Go early so you have time to eat there.

  • I was there for the grand opening. It is really beautiful, inside and out.

  • So lovely. The outside is nice but when I went in for the ANC meeting next week I was even more impressed. Looking forward to Arabian Nights and trying the cafe! I also saw that you can rent part of it for parties…hopefully a friend gets married there or something, because I bet it would be sweet.

  • Lots of your DC tax dollars at play. I heard 75 million in tax dollars went here. True?

  • I ate dinner there once. It was awesome: served Cafeteria style but the food was some of the best I’ve had in DC. Jose Andres is the chef and he was there asking how everything was. Then we saw a show and had a cocktail on the balcony that overlooks the channel. An unbelievable experience. Do it.

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