It’s been real…and it’s been fun.

Thank you, PoPvillians, for allowing me to be your Lord of Petworth for the past two days.

The photo above is homage to the commenter, who upon learning I would be minding PoPville for a few days, commented, “Great…excretory humor and ‘junk punch’ jokes.”

Okay, so I admit I had to look up what “junk punch” meant. As for as the aforementioned “scatological humor”–okay, so I did nix one post that had a prominent poo mention, but I think I have been, otherwise, tastefully restrained.

So, from your comments on my posts, what have I learned?

Well…I learned that you really love the Prince and miss him when he is gone. (I’m sure that reading my ramblings just made it worse–sorry.) That makes total sense. I’m quite fond of him too.

I’m sure I’ll be back here again occaisionally, whenever I have some lame, half-baked hypothetical or infuriating stupid observation about life in our fair city. Until then, you can always find me on my web site and on Twitter (@ericnuzum).

Have a great weekend, folks. The Prince will be back on his throne Monday morning.

(Oh, and in case you are curious, the “Guess Poo” game above is a mock-up, created by some dude for his 9-year-old nephew. More info on his game here.)

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  • Well done, Lord. Well done.

  • Thank you LOP. I enjoyed your posts and a meatball sub for lunch today. And your son is, indeed, adorable.

  • What, we arent getting anything over the weekend? Some of us get bored, you know.

  • thanks for the entertaining and provacative questions. I did miss the animal posts though!

  • I’m the Guess Poo dude, glad you like it, it’s over a year old but it’s gained popularity all of a sudden after a few websites have picked it up


    • I must admit, I’m more than a little disappointed that I can’t go out to Toys R Us and pick up a copy.

  • I also had a meatball sub today. Thanks for that!

  • Nice job.

    And CUTE kid!!

  • Thanks for filling in; it was fun!

  • I think the “Great…excretory humor and ‘junk punch’ jokes” was about monkeyrotica. You sir, are no monkeyrotica.

  • Great sub job. Like when Joan Rivers filled in for Johnny.

  • @ Eric — thanks, re helping PoP please see Jan
    7 PoPville missed connections, for additional comments

  • Lord, you filled in admirably, convincing this lurker to make his first post. I am frequently amazed at the comments section (yay PoP) and how even the most innocent of posts – yes, even your love of Ohio Meat Balls – can lead to derision of one’s character and daresay, dining credibility. Now I will flame you and insult you as a rodent loving, headless rooster hating, sidewalk despoiling, sobriety ruining (see ridiculous Album cover), who does have an overly cute son and a great top ten album list for 2010, to prove my superiority over thee. There’s “Nothing Like You” Eric.

  • King of Petworth here, where is my Prince? In his absence, I hearby ordain, no more bullets allowed in Arizonaville. &^%$

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