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  • I commute daily from Columbia Heights to the Virginia suburbs, and the roads and traffic were just fine at 8AM. The 2 hour delays keep everyone home during rush hour.

  • Agreed. There were far fewer vehicles and pedestrians on the road at 0630. The roads were wet and salty.

  • Fearing icy roads, I took the metro instead of the bus. It was fine, but some of the sidewalks were icy and I watched someone almost wipe out on a curb cut. Then I got to work and learned there was a 2-hr delay…it hadn’t occurred to me to check!

  • I had to almost skate out of my apartment complex. Other than that it was fine. The metro (orange/blue) was working fine.

    At 10am, someone at work decided to send an email authorizing a delayed arrival of 2 hours. A little late for that…

  • i really am not a paid spokesperson but today was a great day to break in my new dignity protectors:


    it was ICY this morning on the sidewalks and I remained upright the whole time

  • Hip hip HOORAY for working from home. Its days like these that I revel in my office of one.

  • Roads were just wet for my commute. The lack of traffic sure was nice.

  • At 7:00am, sidewalks out in Columbia Heights-Petworth were crazy icy. Green line was painless, but red Line was single-tracking. Considering all this, commute wasn’t too terrible.

  • Sidewalks were awful but roads were great and traffic really light. Commute from 14/U to Fairfax.

  • Sidewalks were icy and pretty dangerous in the U St/South CH area. I watched several people wipe out and almost fell myself. Most of the homeowners were trying to shovel the ice off starting at 5 am this morning, too bad it wasn’t very successful. I appreciate the effort anyway!

  • I walk to work and even at 9:30am they were all just sheets of ice. I had to walk in the roads even on through the New York & Florida intersection. Wendy’s sidewalks were pure ice!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I had a pleasant commute. All the sidewalks I used in Adams Morgan were shoveled or being shoveled by 7. My metro commute was surprisingly painless on red and yellow.

  • careful

    I walk about 11 blocks and I was tense when I got in.

  • i agree with everyone that driving was fine, but I almost broke my ass a couple of times walking the dogs earlier in the morning.

    • It’s pretty bad when even the dogs are slipping and sliding like mine were. They’ve got quite a bit of traction with their nails and paw pads.

      • Yup – my dog almost peed on himself a couple times, as he lost his balance lifting his back leg. It was pretty amusing.

    • Roads were still crappy at 10 am in some parts of Fairfax County, but DC was fine.

  • Made my way from 13th & Otis to 14th St. in time to catch the 53 bus to McPherson Square.
    Incredibly helpful and considerate bus driveress.
    Normally I take my car to U St station (hooray for the zone 1 parking) but today the ice on the car broke my scraper.
    Really touch and go on the ice.
    I would advise anyone who has any doubts about walking on ice to stay at home.

  • I asked for VPN access a week ago. I wish I had it. Anyways I ended up walking on the road in the blke lanes down 11th street to catch the bus. The sidewalks were pure ice.

  • sidewalks were one giant sheet of ice. I understand that not everyone will be able to prep their sidewalks all the time, but c’mon people, you had plenty of warning. how hard is it to throw out some salt before you go to bed? it would have prevented the 50-something woman I saw from falling this morning.

    • I threw a ton of salt on my front steps and they were still trecherous. I don’t know if it does much when there’s this much ice.

    • I salted my sidewalks last night around 9PM last night, and it didn’t have any affect on the ice accumulation throughout the night. Don’t jump to conclusions. I did, however, also get out on the sidewalks this morning with a shovel, break up the ice, and resalt.

  • My commute took 45 minutes longer than usual, only becuase I offered to give my friend’s 75-year-old mother a ride in to work (we were afriad of her slipping on the sidewalks).

  • I almost busted my butt several times this morning while walking to the Metro. It was easier to walk in the street.

    30 mins to get from Brookland to Metro Center, typically takes 10!

  • I walked on the road at 8:30 a.m. Also took the bus instead of walking 10 blocks to Metro as I usually do. the sidewalks resembled a skating rink.

  • no problemo on the rockcreek parkway from mt. p to mclean

  • Roads were fine, but the sidewalks were crazy! Took me 30 mins to de-ice my car, though. Thank goodness for the window defroster feature on cars – would have been tough without it.

  • It was a little scary driving in, not because of the roads but because of the sheets/chunks of ice flying off the cars.

  • I usually bike but chose to walk. Silly me, that was probably the least safe way to work this morning at 8:30am. The sidewalks were treacherous. I wore heavy hiking boots and broke up some of the ice as I went but it was still rough. I didn’t see anyone fall but I saw a lot of slipping. My sister’s flight got off on-time at 10am.

  • Roads were fine around 9am between Ust and Va. burbs. Wish most morning were as easy as today. Best part of the morning was not having to deal with cyclists.

  • Wasn’t too bad going from Col. Hts. to NOVA., just perplexing to see people walking with children in the street on GA Avenue in the midst of traffic. And driving over tons of steel plates and shoddy roads didn’t help.

    What’s worse, falling on ice, or getting hit by a car?!!? You Decide.

  • A thousand kisses to one of my neighbors who had a can of liquid de-icer and walked the block doing everyone’s windshield this morning. The ice fell off in 30 seconds.

  • Walking down Rock Creek Church Road to the metro was pretty miserable. nothing but slopes of pure ice; I walked on the grass to get a bit more traction.

  • Accidentally broke off a windshield wiper with my ice scrapper! The roads were pretty much fine by 10 AM.

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