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  • Awesome people that live there too – great neighbors.
    That entire block is magnificent.

    The building that is just cut off in the left of the picture is about to get renovated by a young couple.

    Go Shaw!

    • I hear that the young couple that are about to renovate are really cool and are only going to add to the neighborhood. They’ve gone through hell trying to get this project off the ground, but I hear it’s going to start in the next few weeks…….but as they’ve learned, no timelines.

  • Thanks, PoP, we love our house.

    Ring the bell at 1539 on a Tuesday evening for some communal food and music-making.

    Orange Door

  • I don’t know, the houses are pretty cool, but I’ve heard some pretty crabby old trolls live in the house on the left. The sliver all the way to the left and the right one seem to be ok, though.

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