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  • 3 years ago this was a boarded up shell. beautiful renovation – I think the renovator was called “The Cedar Group” and their owner lives in the building. Renovation was done in record time, too – funny how that works when you own the company.

  • I walk down that street daily, at least 40% of the homes on that block are being renovated. It is a joy to see. I wanted to buy on that block, but at the times, $’s were way too high. All beautiful homes.

  • I live around the corner from this house and it is my favorite house in Ledroit Park, besides my own of course! On summer evenings, I often see the owner (I assume) sitting in that lovely porch chair smoking a cigar. Not a bad life…
    It’s awesome that so many houses on this block are being restored to their former glory – it’s going to be one of the most beautiful blocks in DC.

  • A shining example of the type of city DC could be.

  • Man that’s nice. I’m not that familiar with LP; what would a house like this go for there?

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