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I”ve def. posted this one, located behind the Columbia Heights’ Giant, before but a friend of mine told me to check it out again and indeed it looks like it’s been painted. Looking good.

And of course I always admire the dragon/wolf on the nearby wall:

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  • From what I can tell, this is an old school neighborhood couple living in this old school house. Given that its a free standing wood house it *must* have been build pre-1920 or even pre-1900.

    I see the older (in their 60s maybe?) couple working on the house/yard and chatting with neighbors and from time to time I even see the gentleman splitting firewood out front!

    Props to them and their awesome home!

  • Too bad it’s got crappy aqua siding on it, and chain-link fence around it. Cool house otherwise.

  • i live on the next block up from this house and i’m embarrassed to say i’ve never noticed the dragon until now 🙁

  • Your photo doesn’t show the bank of solar panels that faces south (or right, in this photo) from the pitched part of the roof. I always wonder if they get enough light there to be helpful.

  • 3323 Holmead Place, NW.

  • Holy crap — my house is the house of the day! So pumped. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

    Wait, what’s that — you can’t see it? It’s the salmon-colored brick house, it’s obvious. It’s in between the free-standing house and the dragon, way on the other side of the block. You can see a sliver of it. Squint. Trust me. Looks great from behind. Hopefully, PoP will take a picture of the front next time.

  • this place is awesome! i’m jealous.

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