Hot N Juicy Destruction

Received this first review from a reader last week:

“Ate at Hot N Juicy Crawfish last night. Was good, but it’s hard to fill up on crawfish. Wish they served more main dishes like burgers or fish as crawfish make for a good appetizer. Staff was very nice and even tied a bib on for me since my hands were already ensconced in crawfish entrails.. Here is a picture of our aftermath. Dinner for three = $80.00”

They are located in Woodley Park at 2651 Connecticut Ave, NW. Anyone else check them out during their grand opening?

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  • I don’t see the appeal. I can go to any local chinese buffet and fill up crawfish by the metric ton for $12. I’m sure all the non profit kids will no problem blowing their paltry paychecks at this establishment though.

  • The baja langostino burito at Baja Fresh serves my cravings nicely, and that way I don’t have to get a sandwich when I’m done eating… Otherwise, i just save the money for a proper Lobster dinner.

  • I went last week during the soft opening and had the fried shrimp and Cajun fries basket, both were very tasty. The staff was super nice, and given how sketchy the old Italian place was, I think this is a major step up.

  • woah! 3 people, $80?! For crawfish?! Please tell me that included a bunch of beers, too. (Although all I see are Coke cans there).

    Unless I’m missing something: Ripoff.

  • yeah that is way too much styrofoam and plastic for $25+ each/no beer

  • My girlfriend and I went on Friday and had a very good experience. I’m not sure how they managed to spend $80, but we calculated that you could get enough to be filled up for $40-50 or so, for two, with tip, which is not bad for a fresh seafood feast.

    We both thought it was reasonably priced and delicious. The service was not great, but incredibly friendly; grand-opening kinks that I am sure will be worked out. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, whether or or not you work at a non-profit.

  • We ordered: 3 lbs of crawfish; 1 lb Shrimp; Chicken nugget basket; Sweet potato fries; and 3 cokes. Total was 80 before tip.

  • went on saturday for the ‘grand opening’ event thingy. got there before 5pm so each of us were given a free pound of shrimp, no strings attached. not a bad deal so far. the shellfish offerings are all served by the pound in plastic bags filled with the sauce/spice of your choosing. throw in potatoes, corn on the cob, and sausage (this sausage was absolutely delicious) for like 75 cents each or so.
    the shrimp = amazing. fantastic flavor, cooked well, spicy means spicy…
    we also got a bag of crawfish. they were disappointingly small but i’m not sure if that’s due to market availability or being cheap/greedy. they tasted great at least.
    the service we got was awesome. our waitress was here from their las vegas shop for a few weeks to get the place up and running. it was completely slammed the whole time we were in there (15 min wait for us was up to 30+ when we left) and they seemed to handle it better than i could’ve expected.
    while i am a bit apprehensive of the prices, i have to say that the quality and flavor of the food was excellent and the place is a great addition to the neighborhood. they will have beer starting this week provided their license comes through.
    everyone seems to notice their reliance upon styrofoam and plastic so it’ll be interesting to see how long-term that approach is. might not play well in the dc market.
    i have been craving their shrimp since saturday and will definitely return. the place has great potential and should be a very fun spot for groups this summer…it’ll be interesting to see what tweaks they make over the next few months…

  • Went there last Friday. The shrimp and crawfish were excellent, except the crawfish were small. The server told us it was due to the fact that it was not in season and hard to get. If it’s that good, I can’t wait to see how it will taste when they are in season. It’s very messy eating, but we had a lot of fun. I’ve only lived in DC for 3 years and everyone seems to be so conservative that I think this is a great addition to the area…Just sit back, roll up your sleeves, put down your guards, and dig in!!

  • I went on Friday afternoon, played hooky from work, and had a great meal. The real smack in the face came later in the night when I heated up the leftovers and served it over pasta. I am not entirely sure what happened but the spice kicked up several notches and I was sweating out the delicious noms.

    Will definitely go back for more!

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