HomeMade Pizza Coming to 1826 Wisconsin Ave, NW

HomeMade Pizza Co. already has a location at 14th and Church St, NW in Logan Circle. You can see their menu here. They opened the 14th St, NW location back in Jan. ’10. From their Web site:

Back when HomeMade Pizza Co. was just a thought scribbled on a napkin, most people had never heard of bake-at-home pizza. But it seemed like a good idea to us: really delicious pizza that bakes up in minutes, fresh from your own oven. What’s not to like? So in 1997 we set out to do it right, using all-natural ingredients and a dough recipe rolled out over months of taste testing conducted by the toughest critics on the planet: our friends.

Once we finally opened, those who gave us a try really seemed to connect with HomeMade. And with every new neighborhood came more friends looking for quick, easy, amazing dinners. Along the way, we added fresh salads and mouthwatering desserts… and suddenly, here we are.

There new location will be in an old Yoga Studio space (the mural has been painted over) at 1826 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Anyone converted to the take home pizza?

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  • This place is one of my all-time favorites. I’m originally from Chicago/Evanston where Homemade originated and was ELATED when I moved to Logan Circle and found one right down the block. Try it, you’ll love it.

  • The bake-at-home pizzas are SO much better in NYC. I don’t even bother getting bake-at-home pizzas anywhere else. They just can’t get the shrinkwrapping right.

  • I totally don’t understand the concept of this place. the bake-at-home pizzas at whole foods are just as good (though both are mediocre) and a fraction of the cost. it seems insanely expensive to pay $20 for a large pizza that you still have to cook and serve yourself. why not pop in at one of the countless other places in Dupont that have tastier pizza than this: Casa Nonna, Sette, Posto, Pizzeria Paradiso, etc. They all have pizza ovens which makes all the difference in the world, and pizza enough for two starts at $9.

    • I have mixed feelings in announcing that I believe the new-ish pizza counter at Whole Foods (not the bake-at-home stuff) produces better pizza than the majority of DC pizza joints. They get the thin crust right, have an interesting variety of decent toppings, and it’s not prohibitively expensive.

      If I were choosing between any of the places that would deliver to me (with the exception of Pete’s) and Whole Foods, I’d choose Whole Foods.

    • I’ve always believed that this place’s target market is people with kids who feel guilty getting delivery but thankfully know better than to drag their herd to places like the ones you list. Not sure how they make it at 14th and church but they’ll do great in Georgetown.

      Also, Pete’s is the best delivery in town but they can’t cope with weekend demand and the quality goes waaaay down.

    • I think there are several services that deliver food from restaurants who don’t deliver. They have names like “Take Out Taxi” if I remember right. If I was a quality-seeking parent, that’s how I’d get my pizza.

      • Yeah, but those services have pricey minimums, and with a tip for the driver you can end up paying way more for just a pizza and salad.

        • In the many times I’ve ordered from Takeout Taxi, I’ve never received my food in less than 90 minutes. It’s always freezing and congealed. Better than the office vending machine, but not a comparable option when you’re at home with an oven.

          As an aside, I live about 6 blocks from the 14th Street Homemade Pizza, and they stayed open through all of the snowstorms last year. Impressive service, and we ate a LOT of their pizza – it was very good.

  • ah

    Or order delivery. Home made pizza is no better than the few food delivery places. And the price is about the same

  • The pizza is pretty good. It is the freshest take home I have ever had. I hope they habve that free pizza deal again for the opening.

  • the pizza is great. I’d buy it more often if it was a little cheaper.

  • I’d be happy with a Papa Murphy’s w/in the district…

  • Bake-at-home pizza will just never be as good as freshly made pizza. The moment you place sauce and toppings on a pizza you begin modifying the chemistry of the dough, which should be topped right before it goes in the oven, and should be at room temperature and freshly rolled out. Cold dough will not cook as well and neither will dough that has been pre-topped or pre-rolled and sitting around.

  • eh, even crap pizza can be made awesome if you douse it in sriracha. Thus, I’m delighted with everything. Hell, anything in life is better if you douse it in sriracha.

  • I stood in line for a free one when it opened on 14th St and wasn’t impressed. Half the reason professionally made pizza is better is that they cook it in commercial ovens that get MUCH hotter than a home oven. I also make my own pizza a lot, which is super easy and tastes better, but I get the charred crust by cooking it right under the broiler which I don’t think would work that well for one of Homemade’s bigger pizzas.

  • I love homemade pizza co. Best pizza! The crust is soo yummy. Def. my favorite in the neighborhood. And I always order a large, bake it, then freeze the rest in individual slices.

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