Hate Crime/Graffiti in Trinidad

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Sorry to hear about this disturbing news. From the MPD listserv:

A resident wrote, “I didn’t see a mention of my vandalized car and that it was a targeted hate crime. I think our community should know about this and be vigilant, especially in the area of the intersection of Trinidad Ave. and Morse St. NE. Thanks to the officers who responded so promptly to my call last Friday morning.”

MPD Chief Groomes responded:

“thank you for asking about your crime… for on January 21st , the 5th District and GLU unit came out to your block and did take a destruction of property report for the damage to your car and also classified it as a Bias motivated destruction of property due to the words spray painted on your car…… the GLU unit will be conducting the follow up along with the 5d detectives office. We ask that if anyone has information on this crime to contact us 1888 919-CRIME or at GLUU”


“regarding this offense our victim who recently moved to the Trinidad area came outside to find his car spraypainted with the word, “fag” … thus he contacted us to report such ..however we have done a door to door canvass and it has not lead to any leads/tips to this act… there has been no other acts of this nature in this area.”

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  • hate-based tagging? That’s so, wait, no, wrong word…

  • Honey… somebody was out to get you.

    Beside, what are doing over on that side of town, you must feel a little lonely with all the closeted church boys.

    • thats a little inappropriate, don’t you think?

      • Not at all… Gay boys should live where they are welcome and safe.

        • I’m gay & have been in Trinidad for 4 years on Morse Street (not the same block, though). Am out to several neighbors and haven’t been excluded from neighborhood get-togethers (holiday dinners, etc) or felt and animosity.

          By and large, it’s a great neighborhood and haven’t heard of anything liek this happening before. As with any part of the city, though, it can be block-by-block, with pockets that aren’t great.

        • I’m not impressed FJ. Maybe your should re-read what you wrote and think more deeply about what you’re saying.

          “[Insert minority of choice] should live where they are welcome and safe.”

          • I been in DC my entire life. Trinidad is not what you might call a Gay Friendly neighborhood – but clearly some of us live over that way.

            As for your “insert minority of choice” remark – well that just so stupid it deserves no response, certainly if you have ever watched my post here.

            I love color in my life and if your inference was even remotely true, I would not be a homeowner in the Park View / Petworth neighborhood.

          • I’m not trying implying you’re racist/prejudiced…I’m just saying the “stay in your neighborhood” mentality is more of the vein of a “separate but equal” society than a integrated one.

            I wouldn’t want to be told to stay out of a “black” or “gay” neighborhood just because I’m not a member of those groups, and I don’t think anyone else should be subjected to that either…

            Now, I recognize that reality doesn’t always mesh with what “should” be happening, so people who are prone to victimization can’t always live the principled life safely. I just don’t want a “stick to our own” mentality to be the goal either…

          • …and to fair, I *don’t* agree that your initial light-hearted comment was inappropriate. I took it to be a humorous acknowledgment of a sad reality…

  • Not trying to be a smart ass but I don’t understand the point of this post. It’s an isolated incident, probably a teen being stupid. Please explain.

    • That was the label given to rape, not so very long ago. My mother recalls the police chief coming to talk to her college and telling the young women they should just accept it, maybe even loosen up and enjoy it. Boys will be boys and all that.

      • Not that long ago being when? the 60’s. And you’re comparing rape to hateful grafitti? My point was that it’s not a string of incidents in the same neighborhood. On the other side after reading these comments I get why the article was posted in the first place

    • There’s no way you can know from your perch in cyberspace that it’s some stupid kids. It could be a targeted effort to make some residents feel unwelcome or unsafe by some jerks. It indicates that other actions may take place (additional hate crimes, possibly violent) in addition to the graffiti.

      Really, the test is to imagine any other epithet from history, put it on the car, and see if you still think of this as forgettable.

  • This is not an isolated incident – Gay men/men who are perceived to be gay are victims of hate crimes way too often in the district. Amanda Hess of TBD has done a wonderful job of reporting on this issue, along with all the intersecting systems of oppression that play into it. Here’s one of her articles on the issue: http://www.tbd.com/articles/2010/11/in-gentrifying-logan-circle-affordable-housing-meets-hate-crimes-31696.html

    Sure, Trinidad is a different neighborhood, but I don’t think it’s an overreaction to report on hate crimes as they happen, early and often.

    • So the fuck what!

      Hate crimes are committed in other cities too, its a way a of life and we deal with it. Thats the life of living a big city and if someone doesn’t like then they would move back to the suburbs or San Francisco. I’m really starting to think most transplants to this area are bitches and can’t fight or have no balls. I’ll even prove it, come to the pink/reddish building on Euclid street between 11th and Sherman and talk crap….

      • Wow… you are angry at someone.

        By the way, good going on the pass there. Push for the violence, that makes better sense.

        • Violence solves everything. I think they should tag straight on someone’s car. Fire with Fire. Then challange them to fist-a-cuffs to reclaim your dominance in the hood.

      • Sure you “deal with it” by continuing to go about your life, but a lot of people choose to fight back by reporting crimes to the police and the community at large, by warning others in their minority group about the dangers out there, and by advocating for policies that make them safer. Why should people accept that violence will be committed against them?

        (And I realize, of course, that the incident being reported in this post was not a violent crime, but it is certainly possible that whoever tagged the car *could* escalate to physical assault. To stay safe, you have to be aware of this possibility)

      • Wow, that didn’t take long: “go back to the suburbs”?
        And your first reaction is to wanna fight or bust some caps? Just keepin’ it real, huh? and when you wind up in jail, you’ll be bitchin’ about the Man locking you up or some shit.

      • 1030 Euclid? What apartment?

        • I was thinking the same thing… let me bring my big a – – stick too.


          • I mean, we could just go look for this idiot’s name on the buzzer, but we all know its gram-gram’s place, so that’s out. Plus it wouldn’t be fun because she don’t allow no bad language when theres guests over. Especially in front her little poopie. He’s a good kid, goes to church on Sunday, wouldn’t ever hurt nobody, was just in the wrong palce at the wrong time.

      • Shadow…I bet most of the little gang bangers and ballers out there who have been subsequently killed thought that they were pretty good fighters too.

      • I knew it, you live in that halfway house on Euclid, don’t you?

      • Wow, badass talk from a man who lives in a PINK house?

  • People in thus city are so fuckin soft nowadays……

    Folks from NYC, Philly, Boston, and Baltimore would laugh at shit like this. smh.

    • Soft is not standing up for yourself, when someone gives you a shove. You obviously aren’t bothered by this. So what? Other people have different rules — and it’s a sign of strength to stand up as a community and beat down the ignorant notions of people like you. We’re drawing a line, and saying “Cut that shit out.”

    • having lived in three or those four, no. they wouldn’t.

      • i’m guessing philly is the one you didn’t live in.

        but really, i have to say i don’t think this is all that newsworthy and i would HAVE TO SAY in my opinion it’s sort of in the “trinidad is hell” media hyperbole vein. i guess it’s a hate crime but let’s be thankful no one beat anyones skull in.

        i don’t live in trinidad either. and i have tons of gay friends (admittedly they would be very angry about this).

        yes it’s bad, but news? not so sure.

        • you guessed wrong, but i’m sure you had your reasons.

          “newsworthy” is in the eye of the beholder. this kind of a crime is of course very noteworthy for the LGBT community, and the sort of news lots of readers of this blog want to know as to speaks to the livability of our city. i’m sure even straight people wouldn’t want that kind of ugliness in their neighborhood.

          but this blog isn’t just a venue for news. i’ll let the POP himself speak to his mission, but you could say most of the posts on this blog aren’t “newsworthy”. there’s a rule on the internet – if you’re not interested, don’t read it.

        • this is not a news site. it is a citywide blog.
          please note the difference.

    • it’s okay shadow. when you get all growns up, you’ll understand. i promise.
      till then, try not to get killed.

    • And I bet you’re a little bitch in real life, too. Internet gangsta. Need a steel toe up your ass.

    • Bigotry is soooo much better in NYC.

  • Maybe it was an Englishman who thought the car looked like a cigarette.

    Not to be Pollyanna here, but I’m a glass-is-half-full type of commenter. So I’ll just write that if this is the worst hate crime we’ve got these days against gays — spraypainting a three-letter word on a car — then we’re making a lot of progress.

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