Good Deal or Not? “granite wet bar” edition

This home is located at 5000 3rd St, NW:

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The flier says:

“See fine details within this masterful renovation. Granite showers and counter tops, marble showers, mosaic pebbles in bathroom, bamboo floors, and creative cabinetry on all levels. Luxury suite in basement has a bedroom and full bath, exposed brick wall, granite wet bar w/ refrigerator. A fully-fenced backyard.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think of the reno? I’ll be honest the virtual tour made me a little dizzy. But the still photos look good. Think it’ll go for $599,000?

And across the street is another reno at 255 Farragut St, NW going for $587,500. You can see the virtual tour for that home here. Which do you like better?

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  • cool looking space. Love the open floor plan. The price could work, since it is a lot of house. But seems a little high given the violence in the area.

  • i live down the street from this house. It is a great neighborhood. Very friendly.

    • Not disputing your first hand evidence of this being a friendly location — but the recent shootings nearby can’t be helping this listing.

  • If I see anymore granite, I’m going to throw up. I’m so sick of granite.

  • I live fairly close to there and think it is a beautiful house.

    I’ve never considered that stretch of NH particularly unsafe, so it was odd to have two incidents recently.

  • They bought in September 2010 for $275K. The house next door is valued at $333K. Who buys a $600K house in a $300K neighborhood?

  • yeah i has to agree with you. i don’t think it will appraise at 600k.

  • It’s an amazing renovation but when I look at the pictures of the outside, incorporating the surrounding houses, it stands out like a sore thumb – in a good and bad way. Not sure this is a place where you want to buy the biggest and most expensive house on the block. It may be over-renovated for this area. But others who live in the environs may have a better idea. Sort of reminds me of the McMansions that pop up amidst the pre-war housing in Arlington and Alexandria.

    • Just looked at the other reno across the street. Another great job but also sticks out like a sore thumb given the neighborhood. But maybe these two houses will be “anchors” to spur sale and redevelopment of the adjoining properties – which may otherwise be perfectly fine but pale in comparison to these two redone properties.
      As an aside, what do people think of painting your rowhouse a different color than every other house on the block? I’m not interested in a debate about particular color choices, just wondering what the thoughts are about painting over the bricks in these great old rowhouses.

  • While taking the trees down and painting was a good idea – I am not so sure about getting rid of the covered porch. Yes it added to the indoor square footage but I think I would rather have that on the street (with that view) than what they changed it to. Sure they added grass but people like off street parking which seems to have been lost and that back area doesn’t seem to have all that much privacy.

  • Maybe it’s the too-giant master bedroom, maybe it’s the bland decor, but this seems more like McMansion in Virginia than a DC single family home.

    • I agree. I like the second one much better, but they over-renovated, over staged and managed to strip most of the personality out of both of them.

      All that gray/green paint and beige carpet, with those ridiculously large fridges and weird cabinets.

      They both look sort of like TV sets, or hotel houses, rather than somewhere I’d want to live.

      • I have the same fridge in my Petworth rowhouse and I’m in love. I think it’s just that in these tours the photographer standing 2 feet away from it and shooting it with a wide angle lens that makes it look out of place. Mine fits just fine in my modest-sized kitchen. The double doors actually take up way less space to open than a single wide door.

  • I HATE virtual tours! Whey do they still exist? Enough already! And don’t get me started on the music….

  • that’s alot of house for that money, but an out of the way neighborhood. i agree about the appraisal issue.

  • I live across the street and had very brief conversations with the developer. The same guy owns and renovated both houses.

    I liked both of them but I dont think either of them will sell/appriase at those prices.

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