Good Deal or Not? “All New 2005” edition

This condo is located at 922 N St, NW:

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The flier says:

“PRIVATE DECK OFF BR and GATED PARKING – Boutique 3 Unit building. All New 2005! Loft like w/ high cielings, exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, 2 Blocks to Convention Center/ Metro. SELLER WILLING TO INCLUDE SOME CLOSING HELP”

You can find more info here and more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $359,899 ($360 condo fee). Sound realistic?

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  • Might have considered it since it comes with a private parking, but the condo fee is just silly

  • Say hi to your neighbors.

  • Murphy bed in the bedroom is a no-go for me at this price.

  • Nope, love the block but brand new 2bed/2bath w/ roof deck condos just opened on the nicer side of the convention center at $460K.

  • Nope, love the block but brand new 2bed/2bath w/ roof deck condos just opened on the other side of the street at $460K.

  • The price reductions are the highlight for me.

  • I don’t like this part of town, which is the main reason I would say no. I think this specific condo has an unappealing layout and high fee.

  • I actually think it’s priced pretty well for something on this side of the convention center. I think it would go for quite a bit less a few blocks East…

  • Is is 613 or 900 sq. ft.? If it’s the former, I’d say that’s a steep price to pay.

  • They cut that house into three units? Wow. And this has 900 sq ft? Must be deep. Or maybe not 900 sq ft.–just looked on the Washington Post database (which may or may not be correct) and it says the lot is 941 sq ft. With the parking in back, that makes it unlikely that one of three units is 900 sq ft. But who knows.

    Condo fee includes “management” yet the building is “SELF MANAGED.” It includes a “parking fee” but, well, look at picture 5. So $360 a month for lawn maintenance (but see the “lawn” in the picture above), insurance, and trash removal. (Aside: Out of curiosity, how much does trash removal run?)

    • Oops, now I see it says 613 feet at the bottom of the listing. (Crossed posts with caballero.) So are they just lying at the top of the listing, or what? Seems like people would figure it out pretty quickly upon showing up. 613 is small.

  • $360 condo fee

    Community Features

    * Management: Owner/Self-Management
    * Lawn Maintenance Included
    * Management Included
    * Master Insurance Policy Included
    * Parking Fee Included
    * Trash Removal Included

    Wait, so the owner of the building manages it. And $360 gets you nothing but some basic maintenance and trash – then you’re basically renting the parking spot from the owner?

  • Do you remember back in 1968 when the Humphrey for President campaign ran an ad on tv that consisted of Spiro Agnew’s name and a laugh track?
    This condo is Spiro Agnew.

  • @KT My condo association pays $126 per month for trash and recylcing. I called about 7 companies and ended up with Tenleytown Trash.

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