Ghion Restaurant and Lounge coming to 2010 9th St, NW

2010 9th St, NW has undergone a few openings and closings over the years and is now slated to become Ghion. According to a recent liquor license application the space will become a:

“Cuisines consist of American, Ethiopian and Italian dishes. Music will consist of traditionally soft Ethiopian and Jazz music. No other goods or services will be provided. Seating capacity is 20. Total occupancy load is 20.”

I’ll update again when they open up.

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  • They’re gonna have to do a whole lot to the exterior of that building to convince me I won’t catch food-borne hepatitis from eating there.

  • “Cuisines consist of American, Ethiopian and Italian dishes.” … I generally think that if a restaurant chooses a broad range of dishes like this – they are generally all bad. But hey, maybe they are three friends, one American, one Ethiopian, and one Italian who all are chefs there and it will be great.

  • @Ace in DC, Ethiopia was an Italian colony for a while, and as a result it’s fairly common for DC’s Ethiopian immigrants to also be proficient in making Italian food and American food.

  • Wow, I completely forgot about that. Well then, can’t wait to try their chicken parmigian!

  • wow, how original, an Ethiopian restaurant. Im sure they will have people standing in line for that concept. At least it will be another place to find a cab,

  • Why, why, why do we need another Ethiopian Restaurant on this block. I live here and I love Ethiopian food but we really need something different. How about a decent Sushi place? Either way I’m glad to see these buildings are getting a renovation. Its such a great corner I wanna see more of this in the future.

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