Fundraisers for two local residents killed in tragic car accident

“Dear PoP,

Our two loved and caring friends have passed on early morning of the 14th. Their car has hit a patch of ice and ended up in the oncoming traffic (alcohol was not a factor at all as both individuals do not drink). We are helping their families in this tragic moments to raise $15-18K for each in order to have them taken back to the homeland Serbia for burial.

Two young men from Serbian American community in the Washington/Baltimore area died in an automobile accident on Canal Road in Northwest Washington DC when their car collided with another vehicle after hitting a patch of ice, just few of days ago.

Radovan Vulikic was born on March 21, 1983 in Belgrade, Serbia

Milos Milicevic was born on July 12, 1979 in Knjazevac, Serbia.

For those of you who did not know them, they were honest, hard-working young men who were trying to build a better life for themselves here while at the same time taking care of their families in Serbia.

Many fundraisers are happening this week, as we are trying to send their remains back to their families in Serbia, here you are few:

Radovan Vulikic Fundraiser

Wednesday Jan 19th 2-6PM Cafe Paradiso
2649 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 2nd floor

Milosh Milicevic Fundraiser

Monday, Jan 17th at 6:00pm Fly Lounge
1802 Jefferson Place NW

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  • wow, Radovan is amazingly handsome, like someone out of the movies. this is a terrible loss for both of their families

  • I guess that makes his demise more tragic than the other eh?

  • blester01

    I don’t mean to sound like an ass on this, but didn’t these guys die driving in a Jaguar? On the news they said they lived a “simple life” since they were saving money to help their family financially in Serbia.

    How can you live a simple life but drive a Jaguar and now they are having fund raisers to help bury them in their homeland. Is it just me or does something not jive here?

    I am sorry if I offend anyone with this post.

  • A 2001 jaguar costs between $3500 to $5000!
    Yes you did offend a lot of people and yes you do sound like an ass

  • blester. You really donn’t have anything smarter to say?
    It’s a shame that guys like Radovan lost their chance for living, while some stupid and selfish ones waste it on posts like this. We were at same class at Serbia in High school, and for those who didnt have opportunity to meet him. he was the greates guy ever..

  • blester01

    Thank you for the clarification. This makes more sense that the Jaquar they were in was a used 2001 model that cost $5-6k. They failed to mention that in the media. The word Jaguar and simple life just don’t go together when reading about the accident.

    I truly apologize for the offense, and I am sorry for your loss.

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