Fro Zen Yo Opens Up Across fromt the Zoo in Woodley Park

When I first saw that a Fro Zen Yo was gonna open up across the street from the zoo I thought it was a license to print money. But then I wondered if it might be difficult to sell frozen yogurt in winter. I think they’ve found a solution to that dilemma:

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  • I’ve been twice and I enjoy the frozen yogurt, but they have some tinkering to do to make it an undeniable hit for the area (it will be a success because of the location, but some people may taint it’s reputation for its ineptness). The ice cream comes out of the machines very fast and often splatters ice cream on you. It truly seems instantly uncontrollable when you pull the lever for the flavor of choice to come out. I pull it and I feel like I’ve got about 1 second to decided, oh well its over now, I’ve got a large oreo frozen yogurt. To the stores credit, when the industrial grade machine spit on me the cashier gave me a 50% credit. I’ll go back again and again until the lines get too long. The DIY model is the best for ice cream.

  • FYI, the hot fudge is always free at all of their locations!

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