Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Row House in Columbia Heights

This home is located at 13th St. NW at Spring St. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Renovated 3 BR, 1.5 BA rowhouse for rent in Columbia Heights. Hardwood floors throughout, exposed brick, back deck, all new stainless appliances, large capacity W/D.

The house is a short walk to Target shopping center, Giant, restaurants and just a few blocks from 11th St. restaurants/bars, coffee shop. Two blocks from downtown bus lines on both 14th and 11th.

Rent is $3050/month plus utilities. House will be available March 1. One-year lease required.

All three bedrooms offer ample space: Large master bedroom is 18′ x 15’8″. Second bedroom is 11’9″ x 10’7″. Unique third bedroom includes two rooms, an 8’9″ x 10’7″ room leading to a 7’2″ x 11 room. New window A/C units are provided throughout the house. There is a small, fenced-in backyard. Street parking is plentiful.

Dogs and cats welcome. No additional fee for pets.”

Does $3050 sound reasonable for this 3 bedroom row house?

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  • It’s probably pretty close to market rate. Would make a good group house, and steps from the Derby!

  • Seems a little steep to me, just based on what friends of mine pay in the area, or what I pay in Petworth just a little bit north of there.

  • It feels overpriced to me, but I don’t think it is. I think I last looked at renting a house 3.5 years ago, when it would have been cheaper.

    I have friends who live on that block and like it, the house seems to be in good shape and none of the bedrooms are closets.

    It would be a sweet group house. Good Deal!

  • Wow, people really don’t want to say places are in Petworth, do they? That’s like 2 blocks from the metro.

    It looks really nice. A monthly payment of $3050 would get you about a $500,000 mortage (to make it easy, let’s say the tax savings you get from owning equal the maintenance and property taxes). That seems possible for that area. So for people who don’t have the down payment or permanency to buy but want to live like they do, it seems reasonable.

    With that said, it seems likely they could find something cheaper nearby.

    • It’s still Columbia Heights. Spring Rd is the dividing line, but you’re right that it’s closer to the Petworth metro stop.

      I sincerely hope it rents for this, because it means that we can cover our mortgage if we ever have to rent out our very similar house (though with 3 full baths) on the same block. I’m also pretty sure I know which house this is and the landlords couldn’t be nicer.

    • your neighborhood designation is not based on your proximity to a given metro stop. i live in CH but am also closer to the petworth stop.

    • ess, you wouldn’t make a very good businessman/woman. first of all, if its on the south of spring, it is in columbia heights. second, even if it was a block or two away you still call it columbia heights in a listing. it’s not a matter of neighborhood pride, it’s a matter of CH rent = $$$, Petworth rent = $.

  • Meh, if it had two full bathrooms I would say it was priced right, but only 1.5…three people sharing one shower for ~$1000 apiece seems steep.

  • I rent the same set up in the same area and pay significantly less (by ~$800); however, our landlord specifically didn’t want it to become a group house… hence the sweet deal that a couple could afford.

  • This isn’t Columbia Heights, too far north.

    • Depends on what side of the street it is – the south side of Spring is CH. We’ve been over this many times – CH is Florida to Spring, 16th to Sherman (or Georgia, depending who you ask). And since everyone loves links,,_Washington_DC

      • Florida is Columbia Heights? Really? That’s at the bottom of the Hill. It’s U Street. There’s not “heights” and having lived at 15th and Florida I say that if you don’t walk uphill/take the U Street metro, it’s NOT Columbia Heights.

        • The north side of Florida is technically as a matter of record the Columbia Heights neighborhood. Meridian Hill park, located at the intersection you describe, is also described as being in Columbia Heights Border areas are always a little tricky. Parts of neighborhoods like Mt. Vernon Square are closer to the Gallery Place Metro than the Mt. Vernon 7th Street stop, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not part of the neighborhood. Same goes for Penn Quarter and Gallery Place.

        • the neighborhood and its boundaries predate the metro system.

  • i wonder if it includes a basement area?

    I rent 2 levels of my house with 3 br 1.5 Bath, Central HVAC for much cheaper then that. Close to Wonderland.

    I would say 2400 is fair for 2 levels, 3BR and 1.5 Bath.

  • This way overpriced, it is a 1bath, I would get it if it was 3 baths and that area is not that great either. Anyway there are always some desperate people in DC to rent something like that, thats why landlord just come up with crazy price, especially if they have enough time to get someone, they can always reduce it later.

  • That is ridiculous. Over 3 grand plus utilities on Petworth margin with no off street parking, no private bathrooms? Try $2700 maybe.

  • I live a block away. Our group house rents for the same price, however, we have a finished basement we use as a 4th bedroom, which brings down the per person rent quite a bit.

  • I recently moved from a house around the corner (11th St b/t Spring and Otis) that currently rents 2750, 3 br, 2.5 baths AND 2 private parking spots AND incl utilities. The kitchen could use some updating, but otherwise the bedrooms, dining room/living room were all updated, and had a working gas fireplace.

    IMO, this house would be a fair rate if it even had 1 more ba OR included utilities. it’s also a fine neighborhood, and definitely in Columbia Heights. Petworth traditionally is East of Georgia, and even with recent shifts, its still a little too far west. And it’s too far south to really be considered 16th Street Heights.

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