Flying Fish, Coffee and Tea Coming to Mt. Pleasant

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Wow, @metrocurean tweeted some huge news Tues. afternoon:

“Coming to Mt Pleasant this spring: Flying Fish Coffee & Tea @ 3064 Mt Pleasant St. pouring @counter_culture coffee + @TSCreamery milk.”

This is the space in between Golden Scissors and the Mayflower Chinese Restaurant. You can see it has a for lease sign in the google street view above.

They already have a Facebook page that says:

“Flying Fish, coffee and tea is a coffee shop in Mt Pleasant, serving excellently prepared coffee, espresso, and tea, in addition to tasty pastries to accompany them.”

Actually it looks like they’ve had the space since Oct. as the following comment was made October 25, 2010 at 6:51pm:

“The Fish has landed! We officially have a space in Mt. Pleasant and will be opening as soon as we can make it look pretty. Updates will be forthcoming.”

Think this’ll be a good fit for Mt. Pleasant St, NW?

I hate to use the phrase twice in one week but I think if this place is even moderately well run it will have a license to print money…

And on a side note it seems that this space was once destined for Urban Sustainable that has since opened up at 1787 Columbia Rd, NW in Adams Morgan. This came up in a google search:

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  • Um. I would say that is amazing news. Between that and Nanas opening two doors down MTP street could finally see some synergy and get the love that it deserves.

  • So, connected to Flying Fish brewery?

  • Are the fish male bass with ovaries? That would be very local!

    In reality, excited to support the new biz. We’ve been waiting for you.

  • This begs the question, how does Dos Gringos stay in business? There is NOTHING good about that place!

    • Love those haters. Hope Chris doesn’t live in MtP

      • I live in and love MtP. And I can’t stand Dos Gringos. I love, love, love the idea of Dos Gringos. But the food is just terrible. Same with Hellers and Marx Cafe.

        Fantastic ideas, lovely people, great hang outs, but horrible, unbelievably bad food. And I’m not a food snob, but really.

      • Seriously, James, Dos Gringos S.U.C.K.S.

  • Can’t wait! 🙂

  • soooooo excited!!

  • More businesses in Mt. Pleasant is great news. Now if the city/developer would get started on demolishing the burned carcass of a building on the street that would be the greatest news. Councilman Graham, looking in your direction.

  • I live on Mt. P St and agree there is nothing good about Dos Gringos. So excited about the possibility of a decent coffee shop.

  • still love Heller’s.

  • Dos Gringos stays in business because they have no competition. Maybe this will make them step up their game a bit…

  • This is good news. Even better news if it manages to stay open for a few months. That block is a downer.

  • would have preferred an independent used book store…

  • So excited.. this block will soon be quite awesome and filled with tenants.

  • i hear people complain about the state of mount pleasant st a lot. especially people that live in mount pleasant. i used to go to the raven in the 90’s. i used to go to that health food store and would occasionally go to marx cafe. i kinda always liked it but never really thought much about it. i went for a specific reason and left. i lived there for a few weeks in the 90’s too, but i was new to the city and didn’t really appreciate it.

    i guess i was swayed by the haters and i hadn’t really spent any time in mount pleasant in a long time. but the past few weeks i have walked up and down mount pleasant st about 15 times.

    i gotta say, i’m freaking jealous. i wish i could live in mount pleasant. i love mount pleasant st. almost no empty storefronts! nearly all independent business. nearly all quirky and fun. i live at north capitol and florida and we would kill for even half of those businesses.

    i will ignore all the mount pleasant street haters from now on. you guys are idiots. mount pleasant street kicks ass.

    • You’re right, it really isn’t that bad. The problem is that many of the more vocal residents feel entitled to some sort of perfectly-balanced commercial utopia on Mt. Pleasant Street.

  • I have to agree. I think some of the hate that is usually thrown at MtP Street is a bit overblown. Sure, we don’t have cool clubs, hip new restaurants, or major retailers on the strip, but MtP actually has a fairly decent retail mix that is well tailored to the folks that actually live there: a hardware store, a dry cleaner, a shoe repair, a pharmacy, a laundromat, a grocery store — all of them small, and all of them independent. No, MtP will never be a major retail or dining destination like Columbia Heights is quickly becoming, but I suspect that if you asked most MtP residents, they would tell you that they don’t want it to be.

  • thank god for this coffee shop. I’m one of the haters and with good reason. I’m really exhausted having to leave my now ridiculously expensive neighborhood to get healthy groceries, a meal(other than radius-thank god for them) and a good cup of coffee.

    • Amy, I totally agree with you. I love my neighborhood, but hate how none of the businesses in Mt Pleasant have any use to me.

      I shop for groceries at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I go to a yoga studio in Logan Circle. I go to Chinatown when I want a nice dinner. I go boozing on U St, or K St or Georgetown. I can’t think of a single business that I frequent… OH wait, I like the hardware store and go into the liquor store every once in awhile. That’s about it. I think it’s really sad. oh and Adam Express is awesome but it’s take out. There isn’t a single restaurant I like in MtP… every where I’ve been I’ve been really disappointed.


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