Florida Coffee House Coming to Bloomingdale/Ledroit Park

I’m happy to report that Bloomingdale/Ledroit Park/Truxton Circle residents will be getting a new coffee house very soon. The Florida Coffee House will be opening (hopefully) next Sat. at 220 Florida Ave, NW:

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I ran into one of the owners (who was super nice) and was able to get a sneak peek. It is a very small space that can probably fit about 15. There will be a few outdoor spaces available out back when the weather warms up. In addition to coffee, pastries and some other eats will also be available at the coffee house.

Local residents will recognize that this space is only 1 1/2 blocks away from the very well regarded Big Bear Cafe located at 1st and R St, NW.

The Florida Coffee House looks like it can become a very quaint neighborhood spot. I don’t think people will travel miles to visit, like some do for Big Bear, but I do think this new spot will serve the neighborhood(s) very well. I’m super eager to try out the coffee. And they’ll have free wifi too!

While final touches were ongoing at the time of my visit, you can see a couple of photos of the inside after the jump.

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  • Oh gosh. The pictures remind me of CocoLibre on Sherman. I’ll definitely check it out as I don’t like Big Bear, but not sure it’ll last.

  • The only people who travel miles to visit Big Bear are those to the east of it, where there are no coffee shops at all, thus making it the nearest one.

    • that’s not true at all. i know because i have friends that travel to go there. some from shaw. a fe from adams morgan. one from west of the park.
      also there are actually coffee shops in NE.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Totally not true, I have friends who travel there from Capitol Hill.

      • Are there really that many people who love the aloof level of service and just so-so coffee there?

        • so-so coffee? try a latte there. seriously.

        • Yes, the service makes them feel edgy.

          This new place looks a little sterile though… cant wait to try it nonetheless…

          • i like big bear. not because it makes me feel edgy, though nice attempt at sociology.

            i like it because they offer a great product at a great price. they were the first place in the hood to offer something of quality, and offer seats to sit and enjoy it.

            they offer pleasant outdoor seating, wifi, outlets, a bathroom and became one of the first decent meeting spaces for neighbors that don’t go to church.

            they also helped out my neighbors when their house burned. they;ve hosted neighborhood meetings and have been a huge boon to bloomingdale.

            it doesn’t hurt that any mention of big bear causes some to become whiny little bitches. that’s pretty priceless.

  • Very cool. Best of luck to them! N

  • hey this is great! best of luck to them.
    there is also one ..maybe… coming a few blocks away at north capitol and p

  • finally! an alternative to grungy old big bear!

  • Thank God! The staff at Big Bear are the rudest. I stopped going when I had my credit card thrown back at me. I get that you think you are the coolest people in the world, but at least be polite to your customers.

  • in my recent experience the staff at big bear have been made aware of the relentless criticism of their attitudes. With one particular exception (the guy whose hair invariably looks like he just woke up on his floor from a bender) the staff has been friendly and coffee great lately. and i don’t look like a fellow hipster by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Hilarious description of that one dude. Spot on.

      And a note on the new coffee shop, it looks a lot nicer than I would have imagined. I will certainly give them a try and welcome another coffee shop. Big Bear has a few good items, but the atmosphere is a bit ridiculous as far as attitudes go. I just don’t get it, nor do i think the patrons get it either.

  • Meanwhile, still nowhere to buy coffee within 3 blocks of the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro stop?

  • This is also really close to the Dunkin Donuts. I’m not sure I can understand why they would want to open up this coffee place or think that it makes any business sense…

  • I brought up Dunkin Donuts because it appeals to another type of coffee drinker, someone that wants just coffee and not necessarily a place to hang out. Big Bear addresses another type of coffee drinker. I’m not sure where this new place will fit in or what need it’s meeting, outside of maybe disgruntled Big Bear patrons. I hope they do well and all but I just don’t see it.

    • Haven’t we learned anything from the wigs shops of Georgia? Local demand can exceed the capacity of a single storefront.

      I look forward to trying this place out tomorrow.

  • Thank goodness. A coffee shop that wants to be a coffee shop and not a bar.

  • I went today and really liked it! I’ll definitely be going back 🙂

  • I think it could be very nice. It just needs to be open during the week and earlier than Big Bear! It’s well positioned to be the “Grab-Coffee-On-The-Way-To-The-Shaw-Stop” coffee place. I don’t know if the coffee was better than Big Bear, but it certainly beats Dunkin Donuts.

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