Finally Some (Gov’t) Movement on the Building at 12th and S St, NW

Back in Sept. ’10 a reader nominated this property for a horse’s ass award. Unfortunately there has been very little progress since that time but passing the building this weekend, I noticed a flier posted by DCRA.  It could be a long process, but hopefully this gets some action started:

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    Mailing Address: 7815 WOODMONT AVE; BETHESDA MD20814-3007
    Sale Price: $800,000
    Recordation Date: 11/30/2010
    Instrument No.: 106597

    Some sale just took place.

    They also have $164,390.31 in back taxes.

  • slum lord

  • I’d like to nominate the old vacant on 8th and Q … used to be Shaw Baptist property. Supposedly young newlyweds purchased the property over a year ago, but have done nothing more than erect a construction fence

  • Eaglebank, a local bank, repossesed the property from the previous owner last year. The previous owner Terrence Merritt of 1323 R St was in the process of “developing” the property over about 5 years and ignored all neighbor’s request to clean up the site. Last month when the neighbors spoke to Eaglebank (who brands themselves as a local community bank), they were trying to sell the property. Neighbors had contacted the bank multiple times asking for the debris in the yard to be removed, Eaglebank did nothing, so DCRA was called and the site was cleaned by the city, this is what the posting on front door is.

    As neighbors we have watched in frustration for over 5 years as the site has had starts and stops of construction, and accumulates trash and debris, and gets tagged about once a week. An eyesore that hopefully the new owners will restore to a home.

  • I’m sorry this has lingered / become a problem. It looked promising back in 2008 or so when they were working on it. Could be such a nice property.

  • I mean, honestly guys – I don’t know the guy, but this was actually one of the more refreshing renovations in that area (barring the trash/debris which I was not aware of). The property across the street is what you should be complaining about – it’s like a random train(wreck) of buildings haphazardly connected togethter. This was of course done under the guise of a “church” as you often see in this part o’ town..

    Anyways, I think this building could actually be very cool if it becomes a little restaurant/coffee shop!

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