Dear PoP – Where Can I Get Reasonably Priced Fresh Herbs?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you knew of a great place for quality fresh herbs here in DC that don’t charge an arm and leg .. Eastern Market? Others?”

As someone who can barely boil an egg, as usual, I’m counting on you guys for some good recs.

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  • Latin or Asian grocery stores generally have good fresh herbs at reasonable prices. Capital City Market (aka Florida Ave Market) is another good place. this is a good blog about the market –

  • A friend of mine just mentioned this place a few days ago, and said it was bomb for herbs, both for cooking and medicinal use:

    Blue Nile Trading Company
    2826 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20001

  • Blue Nile is awesome! But they don’t have any fresh herbs.

  • The weed slingers along Georgia Avenue have some of the freshest herbs around! 😉

  • bestway in mount pleasant has some good cheap stuff.

  • Herbs are basically tasty weeds – very easy to grow. I have rosemary, thyme & sage still growing in my back garden (south facing – bit of an urban heat island perhaps) oregano finally died in the worst cold – but still – give it a try – nothing to loose. Whole Foods had growing-herbs all potted and pretty for sale around Christmas. But really – get any old container, fill it with any old dirt and buy some live plants. Play with your food.

    • I must have a a black thumb or something, because I have never successfully gotten herbs to grow. Not even mint!

  • ah

    What kind of pepper bush is that?

  • GrandMart and H Mart are the best places to get fresh herbs if you’re willing to trek out to the suburbs. For about $1.50 you can get a pretty big bag. Just don’t try to smoke it.

  • I think Trader Joe’s has reasonably priced herbs (as far as fresh herbs go).

    In the spring though, plant your own!! You can get tiny pots ($2 each), seed packets ($1) each, and soil ($5 total), start them indoors, move them out 6 weeks later, and even on a tiny balcony or windowsill with mediocre sunlight you’ll have an awesome variety of herbs all spring, summer and fall. You can even share containers, and if they get overrun or you let them die you can start new ones as late as September.

    Can’t screw it up. And you’ll have awesome food for free!

  • I have a nice 40 foot unused greenhouse in Maryland Eastern Shore near Chestertown, with a huge garden space outside too. Anyone up for starting a garden/herb club? Members could also overwinter their potted plants there too.

  • If you don’t have a sunny windowsill, an Aero Garden works really well, and you can choose your herbs. Plus the bright light can be very nice to help you wake up in the morning if you put it near where you eat breakfast.

    • I was going to mention the Aero Garden too– it looks so gimmicky but everyone who owns one says it works amazingly well. I’ve actually been meaning to get one (they’re probably on sale now, or maybe someone on Craigslist is trying to get rid of a Christmas present).

  • Fresh, cheap and really clean. The owners obviously enjoy what they do and run a tight ship. Would happily go out of my way to shop here.

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