Dear PoP – Pop Up Alert in Columbia Heights!

“Dear PoP,

The rowhouse at 1470 has been gutted and extended to be made into condos, and a big pop-up is being added. So far, I’m a fan, but it’s far from complete.”

What do you guys think so far?

You can find more info about the project here. I’ll be sure to update with a proper judging buildings post when construction is completed.

It’s supposed to eventually look like this:

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  • Is the house on the right the next target? The rendering doesn’t look bad because it looks less like a pop-up because the house on the left is already higher but the one on the right was made the same height.

    At least the paint will cover up the different bricks.

    • The rendering seems to purposely use a low to high perspective – thus covering up the view of the pop-up floor (which is more pronounced in PoPs photo). Sneaky!

      • It’s not the angle that makes it look different, it’s the fact that they photoshopped a pop-up onto the unit next door.

        • no they didnt. you’re not interpreting it correctly. look again.

          the pop up is the 4th floor.

          • In the photo there is a huge height difference between the house in question and the one next door. In the rendering they are very nearly even. I’m no expert on these matters, but I know a lie when I see one.

            That said, because the roof on the house on the other side is already quite tall, I’m not sure that it will look out of place at all.

      • I agree that there seems to be a discrepancy between the pic of the proposed pop-up and what appears to be in place given PoP’s pic – let’s see what it looks like once it’s finished!

    • This house is on the southside of Chapin a few doors down from 15th. (across from upper level entrance to MHP) Whoever buys the top floor will have a sweet terrace to the rear with a view of the Washington Monument. (for now) Until something one block down is built on Belmont to fill the missing gap on the block. Can’t wait for the open house to inspect the inside. Location for this place is fantastic is you need access to the park (esp if you like to run or have a dog) If they do the interiors right… this will be a great investment.

  • I’m the developer of the project above. The front definitely is a work in progress but it will look great once completed. If you want to see pictures of the construction inside, please check out our blog at


  • Is that top unit all glass? It looks like it’s going to be in which case that should be a pretty sweet unit.

  • The exterior paint is fine but I would the original unpainted brick – it has a lot more character.

  • I am excited to see that these guys are working on another project. I saw some condos that they just finished this year in the U St area, and they seemed to be really well done inside– very clean and spacious-feeling.

    • If by “spacious feeling” you mean “wide open with no space definition”, I’ll pass. I hate the current trend of knocking out all the interior walls. Clearly designed for people who don’t expect to share their space.

  • Painting that awesome brick should be illegal. I don’t care if the new brick doesn’t match I would pay more for the raw brick than some crappy paint job that will need to be redone every so many years.

    Too bad developers use paint like a cure all for short cuts.

  • I took a look at their U street project back when I began my property search, and really liked those condos as well. You can tell that they pay close attention to detail, which a lot of developers tend to overlook. I’m looking forward to seeing what this project will look like (even though I’m no longer in the market, it’s still fun to look!)

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