Dear PoP: “Our sidewalk of shame – mea culpa”

“Dear PoP,

My name is Scott Parker, with the Mormon Church on Capitol Hill (522 7th St SE). It was mentioned in “More Sidewalks of Shame – What to do?”.

I just wanted to apologize for not getting a portion of our sidewalk cleaned sooner. We cleared a single path this afternoon (Fri), and have another little crew working on it right now (as of 6:05 pm Friday) to clear away the ice. Our church has no professional clergy – we all have regular jobs and volunteer our other time for church stuff – which also means we have no church office. That’s why no one could be reached there. But if anyone needs/wants to get a hold of me now or in the future, they can email me at scottparker1 [at] The volunteer church member tasked with clearing the sidewalk moved away since last winter, and we forgot to have that assignment covered. Sorry about that. That’s entirely our fault and we’ll get it fixed. We did do better last year, and shoveled that stretch multiple times. (My back can attest to that 😉 Also, the plow that comes is not a church member, just a contractor, and is hired regionally, not by us, but we’ll try and ask for him to pay attention to this as well.

I’m from the area and have lived here on the Hill for the past 8 years (on East Cap for a while and then just off Constitution for the past 4), as do most of our congregants, so we care about getting this stuff taken care. Sorry again for not being on the ball this year. We’ll do better.”

And in other positive clearing sidewalks news, from Rob Mandle, ANC Commissioner 4C10:

“A quick email to the Mayor’s Team (Carly Skidmore and Brandon Starks) and the AFRH (Old Soldiers Home in Petworth) sidewalk has been cleared!”

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  • Thanks Scott!

  • Shout out to Scott and his church members. We need more people like him in the District.

  • This is why public shaming works. Responsible people care, and then they fix things.

    • Lol. if now only we could use public shaming criminals to work effectively and we can bring back public hangings and floggings.

  • Nice response, thanks.

    Next, I’d like to see the missionaries pin their nametags to their parkas, and go around the neighborhood helping the older folks dig out after storms. I’d be more likely to listen to a Joseph Smith story or two if I saw that.

  • Also, a big shoutout to the new neighbors near 10th and D NE. First day in the house and they cleared the entire sidewalks on both the front and side of their house. Thank You!

  • It’s a shame that most religious congregations in the District don’t care about their surrounding communities like this.

  • Nice work Scott. This sort of thing is good to see.

  • can we now have a discussion about why i never win the lottery?

  • God can’t do anything if you don’t buy a ticket.

  • Now if that would only work with the slum apartments on Ft. Totten Drive (5000 block NE). Sheets of Ice and multiple calls to the call center.

  • They were too busy demonizing gay people to shovel.

    • bfinpetworth

      Thank you. It’s great that a Mormon church responded so positively to this blog, but they need to clean up the rest of their act before they’ll get my kudos. They need to get out of my and everyone else’s bedrooms!

  • Well, the LDS church on Holmeade in Columbia Heights still has not cleared its sidewalk, January 31.

  • And St. Luke’s Church has once again failed to clear the walk on the 1500 block of Church Street (but did make sure there was a walk from their parking lot to the church, so their non-local congregants would be safe).

  • Sorry – I understand the snow volunteer moved etc. etc. but we had a good 3-4 days of saturation/hysterical warning about this storm. I find the fact that not a single member of the church or clergy stopped to consider what was to be done to fulfill their duty to their fellow citizens still shameful.

    But then I have 27 years watching gross church shoveling neglect in Columbia Heights. (National Baptist – Columbia Rd. @16th st. is #1 offender.) Matthew 7:16 (by their works you will know them)

  • I have worked near or lived near this church for 6 years and they have always been great neighbors. I doubt any of us see eye to eye with any of our neighbors on politics.

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