Dear PoP – Best Place to Watch Hockey, Eh?

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“Dear PoP,

I am a Montreal Canadiennes fan looking to gather a few of my fellow friends from the North together to watch the Habs-Caps game on Feb 1st (a Tuesday). We prefer the Capitol Hill/ H Street or even Chinatown neighbourhoods. Do you have any suggestions or knowledge of DC bars which carry Canadian (or better, Quebecois) beer?”

Hmm, as usual I’m going to defer to the hockey fans and Canadian beer fans in PoPville. I would guess that some options could be Argonaut, Pug (though they most def. support the Caps), Star & Shamrock for H St, NE and the new Redline for Chinatown or the Ugly Mug on Barracks Row. But like I said – I’m gonna defer to the Canadians and hockey fans – where’s the best place to watch hockey (and possibly get some Canadian brews)?

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  • RFD in Chinatown is a good bet if you want to watch hockey and drink a few Molsons. But it’s generally fairly crowded on nights when the Caps play at home.

    • Yeah, any of the Chinatown bars cater to Caps fans on game days, especially home games. RFD, Green Turtle, Bar Louie, Red Roof Inn’s bar, etc.

      The big sports bar in the Ballston Mall, forget the name of it, also usually has a lot of hockey fans watching, but of course that’s out in Virginia, not in DC.

      DC has a lot of hockey fans, but is kinda lacking a real hockey bar like you’d find in other cities (Philadelphia, for example). Really DC could use a few neighborhood, locally owned and operated sports bars catering to the local teams.

  • Second the Argonaut.

  • I think the Bottom Line on I Street downtown has the Center Ice package. So does Cleveland Park Bar and Grill, which always seems to have some random out-of-town hockey game on one of its numerous TVs.

    The best place, though, is in Old Town Alexandria: Bugsy’s, which is owned by former NHL player Bryan Watson.

  • If you’re going to watch sports you should really go to Redline, it’s the best sports bar in DC. But if you really want Canadian beer then go to angles in Adams Morgan. They even have La Fin du Monde and I’m sure they can put the game on for you as well.

  • To cheap to go to the Verizon Center?

  • ye can watch wherever ye want to as long as ye keep yer GIGANTIC HEED out of the way of the game!

  • I don’t know about other schools but the McGill alumni are meeting up at the Bottom Line to cacth the game, if you’re going to cheer for the Habs, you should join us (it’s ok to cheer for the Caps too…) Typically bars near the embassy get a lot of peeps for the games as well (Penn Quarter Sports Tavern or Elephant & the Castle.)

  • RFD definitely has some Canadian brew but it’s so close to the Verizon Center it can get a little hostile if you’re not cheering for the Caps 😉

  • If Habs fans are looking for a place to watch hockey, drink Canadian beer and eat puteen, I suggest somewhere near Quebec.

  • Ha! Even spelled “neighbourhoods” like a froggy lemuix… Much respect for all fans of the full tilt, especially our friends north of the border.

  • The Iron Horse on 7th in Chinatown has nice TVs above the upstairs bar and usually shows the Caps games. Don’t know if they serve any Canuck brews, but they have good stuff on tap and it’s not a bad place to catch a game.

  • Weren’t there all of those Meridian Pint advertisements about how they had all of the hockey games there? Those were on this site anyway. I haven’t watched hockey there.

  • Wait, doesn’t the Canadian embassy have events for hockey games? Complete with Molsen? I don’t know if it’s all the time, but I definitely know some folks who have gone. Give the embassy a call and ask. I’m pretty sure it’s free, too.

  • E – only for the big games. They had some pretty awesome events (with mapple leaf shaped ice sculptures, poutine and Molson) for all the US-Canada games last year.

  • Churchkey always shows Caps games, and almost always has Quebecois beer on tap. Even if they don’t, they’ll have bottles for sure.

  • We would love for you to join the DC McGill Alumni group for a great night of Hockey watching at The Bottom Line (1716 Eye Street NW)..

    As for Canadian beer, the general manager has indicated that if we get a big enough crowd he would be willing to make a special order of Canadian beer for our next event.

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