Crepes on the Corner Still Coming to Capitol Hill (257 15th St. SE)

Back in May ’10 we heard that Crepes on the Corner would be opening up a spot at 257 15th St, SE:

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At the time they hoped to open in early Fall but obviously that timeline has been delayed. However, I’m happy to report that they are still coming! Yesterday they received approval today from DCRA to begin construction and build out is expected to take 5-6 weeks. Expect a soft opening in late March/early April.

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  • I tried to look them up a few weeks ago when I had a hankering for crepes. I’m happy they’re proceeding. Put PoP readers on the soft opening list!

  • I don’t want to underestimate the importance of crepes to the civic life of Washington, but POP, can you please make more room on your blog for a more serious conversation about race and class in our city? 35% of African Americans are unemployed compared to 7% of the white community. Some schools in Petworth are more segregated today than they were in 1960. Why aren’t we talking about this?

    • Check the Declaration of Intent and PoP Mission Statement, on file at your local constabulary.

      • My question was for PoP – but thanks for pointing out the mission of the blog:

        “Topics covered include quality of life, real estate, architecture, renovations, development, restaurants, bars, art, museums and other general observations. The site has become an indispensable resource for those seeking to navigate the joys and difficulties of living and working in our nation’s capital.”

        I still don’t understand why commenters on this site have an aversion to talking about deeper issues than pastry shops and door windows. Honestly, PoP, why aren’t we spending more time on the more important “joys and difficulties of living” in the nation’s capital. I’m not trying to be difficult. I’m just disappointed that our fair city isn’t having a deeper conversation about race and class.

        BTW – the SOTU post was good. Can we get more? Also, I love crepes.

        • Hey James, Sounds like a great idea! You should start a blog. You may even, in due time, be able to quit your day job too! You never know…

          Pop’s success speaks for itself!

        • Then why are you posting under the crepes topic instead of emailing pop directly?

          People can only take so much social BS in their life. It’s frequently anger inducing on both sides of almost any question. There’s little or no logical or grammatical structure to these types of posts, so the end up being excuses to vent instead of reasoned attempts to open someone’s eyes to another point of view.

          It’s also pretty damn poor to have these debates on a semi-unmoderated forum like pop where anyone can (and does)) drop an anonymous bomb and rile everyone up. I’d much rather watch MY ELECTED OFFICIALS have an open moderated debate than 98% of the numskulls in this city. They’re too busy hiding behind non-enforceable open meetings laws.

        • James — It’s the little things. You do know that?

          Long Live the Prince of Petworth

    • I love cooking chili. I demand more posts here about chili recpies!!!

    • james,
      i’d read your blog on the topic. start one.

    • If we drape crepes over everyone’s head we will all look alike and there will be no more segregation.

  • Folks – the pronunciation of “crêpes” rhymes with the word “prep” or “rep” not “grape” or “rape.”

    It’s a circumflex, not an aigu. Thank you.

    (This has been a public service announcement by annoying grammar Nazis. French grammar Nazis.)

    • Not according to the pronunciation on Also, foreign loan words when used in another language often take on pronunciations of that language. It doesnt’ make them wrong. For example, the French say le hot dog but pronounce it more like “awt dog.” That’s not wrong, it’s just the way they pronounce it, same as how pronouncing crepe like “grape” isn’t wrong either.

      • I pronunce crepe the Americanized way because pronouncing it the French way confuses people and sounds too much like crap. Similarly, I don’t pronounce pho like “phuh” because it sounds ugly.

      • Pray, do tell how “crêpe” has taken on the pronunciation of English? Name a single word in English that ends in “epe” that is pronounced like “ape.”

        It basically boils down to the poor understanding of what accents sound like what.

    • We’ve had enough of your crepe.

  • I’m probably the only one in this gang that finally broke down, after seeing this wave of crepe businesses in town, and had to google just what the hell these “crepe” things are.

    So it’s like a French dessert item, yeh? A dessert-only restaurant? Like the cupcake venues (also of recent multiplitudin’)?

    Interesting. I dig many ethnic foods & etc, but a rash of French dessert shops seems almost surreal and random. Very specific. … whatever floats the various boats of the French-sympathetic crowd. I wish thee all the joy you can handle.

  • PoP- what about the Po’Boy shop/market at 15th and Penn in the base of that renovated condo building?! It used to be called Annie & Teddy’s?

  • Are there any places that do Socca, the Provencal savory chickpea flour crepes?

  • They have a menu up now, too!

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