Coffee and the Works Closing in Dupont after 31 Years

Long time Dupont resident, Coffee and the Works, will be closing up shop after 31 years at 1627 Connecticut Ave, NW. They will remain open until Jan. 31st. Their Web site saya:

Unique shop offering a wide variety of gourmet coffee, tea, chocolate, Stonewall specialty salad dressings, sauces, candies and bake mixes. As well as hand-crafted wood, metal, horn, shell, ceramic, glass and crystal home decor by reknowned artists. We also carry an extensive line of tabletop accessories and gadgets by Alessi, Francis Francis, Ritzehoff and fun quirky items by FRED and Anne Taintor, Japanese tea pots, Bialetti espresso makers, Bodum French press coffee pots and a whole lot more.

There were a number of pretty rough reviews on Yelp. Any fans out there?

And remember this is right next door to the former location of the Lambda Rising bookstore which rumor says is now slated to become a Comfort One shoes store:

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  • Another Comfort One Shoes in Dupont? Does that make it 3? Am I missing somethig?

  • Long time Dupont resident, ashamed to admit that I never even noticed this place?

    • You’re not alone. Many years in Dupont. No recollection of this spot, even though I walked by it many thousands of times. Funny, because I’ve been in the shop next door — the one with the unleashed dog.

  • yeah, those Yelp reviews are pretty scary

  • I just said to my partner when I read this article that this store was always rude to customers. And then I read in the article about the Yelp reviews. Wow, it was strange how that all sounded almost identical. The woman seems like a bona fide nut case. She apparently hates gays, blacks, jews, etc. – – sounds like a real gem. Can’t believe she has been around here for 31 years. I say good riddance.

  • I for one am sorry to see this place go. I went there many times over the years in search of holiday and birthday gifts, and they always seemed to have something offbeat, useful and perfect. Service was a little slow but always quite cordial (despite my being visibly unwhite; I’m sorry to hear that others have had problems). I think I’ll try to get over there before the end of the month.

  • I’ve read a ton of Yelp reviews, but I’ve never read any establishment rated and hated that badly. Unbelievable. Sounds like they had a thriving business with future promise until mental illness brought it down. It’s really sad to see that happen.

  • I really enjoyed browsing and always found just the right thing. Sorry to hear that another locally owned store is closing in the Circle. Yes, I had to wait my turn but I didn’t shop here for quick check-out.

  • Cute store, typical cramped city space, but wildly expensive with a lackluster staff. I love kitchen gizmos but this store was a turn-off.

  • I found this place to be useful when I needed something Right Now and did have the time to go somewhere larger and cheaper (i.e. the meat thermometer I needed the day before thanksgiving). But it has been years since I have been in there; there are better niche/locally owned stores (Hill’s Kitchen) which employ nice people as well as closer-in large-scale retailers (The Target in CH).

  • These reviews are captivating. Thank you PoP for finding this little gem of a story. I would never have known about one of the most bizarre little stores owned other than this.

    I, for one, am glad it is closing. Sounds like a waste of space.

  • They were rude to me, but I did find a number of holiday gifts there a few years ago.

  • I don’t think the lady that owns it is a racist or hates any minority. She’s just a mean woman and hates all people.

  • I’ve been in there a half dozen times to buy coffee and have never had a bad experience. I didn’t know about the reputation of this place and don’t think I’ve ever met this woman everyone seems to have a problem with.

    The selection of counter culture and locally roasted coffees is the best I’ve seen in the area, and the prices are competitive.

  • I’ve been in there a handful or times, and enjoyed the product selection. I thought they had cute stuff, but that lady was such a meanie! I stopped going because there because I didn’t want to give her my money.

    (Just like I don’t go into the photo shop next door anymore because of the obnoxious “Help Clyde pay off his new car SALE!” and “Help Clyde pay for his trip to Greece SALE!” signs. Ick.)

  • Someone posted on the DupontForum Yahoo group that the owner told them that the landlord raised the rent 60% and that is why they are closing.

  • interesting–I went there one looking for a gadget (all-metal, non-electric eggbeater). They didn’t have it, but the young woman who helped me was nice. I was in there this weekend to see if I wanted anything on sale and I overheard an employee saying “Georgetown somewhere,” so I wonder if they’re moving?

  • I did get a sense of a biggoted “these young brown people cannot afford to shop in my store” attitude when my wife and I checked it out 2 years ago. It was like something you’d expect at a Nieman Marcus in Dallas in the 1960s and it was the last time I ever went there. I’m thrilled that she’s leaving – hopefully something cool will come in.

  • I’m sad to hear this. I never visited often enough but have bought a handful of things there over the years and always stopped in while passing. I never had any bad experiences, so strange to hear such negativity! I guess I’m lucky.

  • PS: how can there be a 3rd comfort one? Who actually shops at that crappy shoestore?!

  • They are the only local place I know of that sells Chemex coffee filters. I’m stocked up for awhile, but does anyone know another place where I can find them?

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