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  • I really dig the cantilevers. I want a room with a window nook like that. And a rooftop deck. I hope they were serious about being awesome and put a hot tub up there.

  • Developers go overbudget, googley eyed condo buyers overpay, and renters suffer… the saga continues. Also, what exactly does the condo fee cover for such a small bldg?

    My amateur take: the building/lot looks incredibly narrow and I’m not sure the floor-to-ceiling window concept works so well on a three-story structure.

    • From the listing, guessing the condo fee covers…

      # Exterior Building Maintenance
      # Management Included
      # Master Insurance Policy Included
      # Reserve Funds Included
      # Sewer Included
      # Water Included

    • The only cure, get a place of your own*!

      *YMMV. Only you don’t get to live in your ideal neighborhood or have hardwood floors or all the other high end features that people who are trading up have access to. You also don’t get to rack up amazing amounts of college debt to go work for a non-profit and think you’re entitled to buy a house by yourself.

  • The kitchens are a real let down. Not only do the cabinets look cheap, but the unit 3 layout is really cramped. The lone cabinet next to the fridge is odd, too. It’s clear that a lot of design when into the building, but the kitchen designer really dropped the ball.

    The bathrooms seem to make an effort to not suck, but the one in unit 2 has that awful beige tile that Home Depot can’t seem to keep on the shelves. Why do people spend all that money on tile when they could make a bathroom look just a cheap with a fiberglass shower surround?

  • I looked at these at an open house. The reno was not good. The closets were the smallest and weirdest I have ever seen. The kitchens were odd. Strangely, the only one I thought was layed out okay was the ground floor one bedroom. The rest were weird and awkward. I’d be very surprised if these sell close to asking. I know the location is awesome (I live down the street) but the bad reno is just not worth it. Made me wonder what else is wrong that you can’t see?

  • I’m a fan of all the modern surprises above U, but I’ve got to say I’ve having a hard time liking this for the price. Like the building, hate the color. That pale yellow is just so dull-looking.

    The kitchen says, “Welcome to your $300k condo!”

    I love the mini bay windows. Gorgeous light in these units. I accept the challenge of a narrow space — but not for this price. The Lacey has a bigger (and I’m guessing 10x more livable) unit listed for about the same. That’s where I’d put my money. My shot in the dark guess is these sell after near $100k price drops.

  • This building needs a big, bright mural on the side wall!

  • cool looking building . but 2 much money the units r 2 small n it looks out of place

  • Oh man. It’s like a bad accident and I can’t stop staring. What’s the point of all the windows if they are VINYL? The Lacey puts this place to shame.

  • Buy it now. But sell it soon before it falls apart in 10 years.

  • Way overpriced ($100k+). Kitchens are a joke. What’s the exterior of the building made from? Construction looks cheap/shoddy.

  • Is it becoming a trend to build new structures one story higher than the adjoining row house? I’ve seen this on other occasions recently in different parts of the city. Am I the only one that finds this unsightly, on its face? I’m a big fan of building spaces that “blend in” with the surrounding homes. Is this old fashioned thinking now?

  • pardon my french but that building is FUGLY.

  • new PoP feature: Judging Pop-Outs

  • I have a couple opinions:

    – It sure looks better than the dump that was there before.
    – This building looks better and bigger in person.

  • The staging is good because they present well online though Unit 3 seems extra narrow to me, so the will get the foot traffic based on that. Whether they get the offers that want is a different issue.

    I guess based on size of the units that the market is – I want cool looking for the people I invite to parties but don’t car about the practical because I will be too busy in the “cool” places to spend much time at home.

  • Who is the architect or designer!? They need to quit! Terrible shameful design. Seriously who polluted 11th street with this?

  • Can’t say I have any comps to back me on this but I can’t see paying $600K for either of these units, not even the top unit with the outdoor space. But that’s just me.
    Not everyone wants or needs a house. Sometimes I secondguess my decision to buy a house. But I can’t help thinking that you could get a redone rowhouse in Petworth or Park View, a couple of blocks from the metro, and stil have $100K or more to play with for what these are going for.

    • I’ve looked at other places within a couple blocks of this place, and the price is somewhat on par for the neighborhood for the amount of space, perhaps slightly high. However, the other places that are selling near this price are Way better built, Way nicer, have actual usable closet space, and have a much better use of living space. All 1100-1300 square foot condos in a given neighborhood are not created equally.

  • greenroofgoddess

    This contractor has done several other flips as well as other construction in town, esp. on 11th and 13th Streets. The work is subpar and he always ends up in court over non-payment of subcontractors, financing issues, improper permitting, etc. Search for Ray or Rami Badaway/Badawy at https://www.dccourts.gov/pa/ and you’ll see. Good luck to whomever ever buys these units.

  • Compare with the ones on 15th and Swann that everyone loved. More money, worse location, uglier. I think the price will come down.

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