Brass Knob Warehouse Last Day Announced – Feb. 15th

Back in Oct. ’10 we learned that the Brass Knob Warehouse would be closing their doors in Truxton Circle (57 N St, NW). Sadly, a final date has been announced.

Though some hope remains, owner Andrew Gordon tells me,

“The radiator business will continue via a new location (likely in Mt. Rainier, MD) along with select specialty items (minimal clawfoot tubs, sinks, mantles, etc)…but the BK Warehouse is shutting down its name.”

Stay tuned for an update when the Mt. Rainier location is set up. And of course when a new tenant is found for 57 N St, NW.

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  • Who owns the building? It seems like a great space.

  • For those that have been since the liquidation began–

    How are the prices? Do they bargain. I always liked this place but thought everything was about 2x as much as it should be.

    • They bargain! We got a $450 mantle for $200 a couple months ago, plus several perfectly sized transom windows at $20 each and some hardware bits and pieces thrown in for free. I definitely didn’t experience the “side of resentment.” They were friendly and personable, but on busier days I’m sure everyone gets a little more frazzled. Maybe make an excuse to take an afternoon off of work to peruse the warehouse?

    • I have been a little reluctant to bargain with him so I still find the quoted prices to be too high. I tried to buy two 24″ closet doors and he quoted $250. I don’t even know where to begin negotiating on that…the same holds true for broken, scratched miscellaneous tiles that I hoped to cobble together. Those were the only thing I tried to buy so I can’t attest to the other stuff.

      • Never did get his business model–no prices marked and everyone had to search him down and get a price pulled from the air and then you try to bargain. God forbid you have items from two different floors! Lame.

  • As far as I could tell, he grudgingly knocked about 10-15% off, but it came with a side of resentment.

  • Bummer. That place was a jem.

  • Speaking of salvage places, has anyone been to another that they like other than Community Forklift or the ones in Baltimore? Anyone been to the Habitat one out in Hyattsville?

    • I’ve been to the Habitat in Gaithersburg. It’s crap that really wasn’t even all that valuable when it was first purchased.

  • Not sad to see it go. It was a nice museum, but ultimately not run well as a store.

  • it would make a stellar brew pub.
    though it might be too close to a school to be allowed to serve alcohol.

  • Agreed on the brew pub. Is there a law about serving alcohol X yards from a school? I know there are two liquor stores as close or closer to Dunbar than this property is.

    • You should know by now that there is a double standard. Liquor stores are just part of the community, bars are part of The Plan.

      That said, I dont know if there is any such law. Just wanted to be snide for a moment.

  • I’ve had good luck at Caravatti’s in Richmond. Can make a day out of it and meet up with some friends down there.

  • Yep, gotta agree with folks on the pricing of stuff at BK. It was like they saw yuppies coming and just marked up the stuff appropriately. You wanna fix up your townhouse in Logan circle with some antique hardware that they got for next to nothing? Well be prepared to open up your wallet. Not surprised to see it closing which is a shame because it could have been so much better.

  • Shoulda put down those filthy cats, jk they had good doors, this is too bad

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