Bizarre Convention Center Art

Normally I’ve been a huge fan of the art on some of the windows at the Convention Center. I don’t know though, these are a bit too whack for my taste. Anyone dig ’em?

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  • Just this morning I was looking at them as I passed and thinking how much I hate these. It’s a convention center, not a weird, half-drawn comic book.

  • I love them. I find them strangely sexually attractive.

  • These belong next to the Verizon Center Gallery Place Metro. There is literally nothing to these figures except the sneaker or thigh-high lace up –probably expensive ones at that. The only other thing about them is their mouths are wide-open –shouting or making noise. Wild, loud, flashy, young things. I like the quiet pretty picture better than the scene at the metro.

  • My amazing friend, Lisa Marie Thalhammer did those. She is also the Educational Coordinator for Artisphere and GirlsRock! DC Co-organizer!

    Sheila Crider and Lisa Marie Thalhammer create a mural, ‘Butterfly Speeches’

    In the winter of 2009, Sheila Crider, a Washington artist, was visiting a butterfly farm in the Caribbean and immediately wanted to capture in her abstract work the fluidity and colors she saw. Lisa Marie Thalhammer, another Washington artist, spotted a jazzy sneaker in a magazine and tucked that image away for a future figurative piece.

    Months later, the two artists were asked by the local arts commission to create a window mural at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. They had never met. They checked each other’s work out on the Internet. They liked what they saw. And now the elusive butterfly and the fashionable sneaker have blended into a colorful site piece called “Butterfly Speeches.”

  • I bet Rex Ryan would love them.

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