Beautiful Row House at 5th and Florida Ave, NW Getting Renovated

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up that this former beauty is currently getting fixed up. I’m not sure if it’ll be split into condos/apartments or a single family residence. But I’ll be sure to update as the renovation progresses.

I once noted that the looking at the basement apartment sign could instantly transport you back in time, so for posterity here it is one more time before it gets removed:

It’ll be great to see these awesome details come back to life:

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  • Isn’t this the house that was recently sold at the DC auction?

  • That one’s been empty for a long time. It’s such a prominent corner, too. That will go a long way to making the east end of FL Ave look better.

  • Right across the street is a little shop corner painted purple that has been closed up for a long time. That would make a SWEET restaurant with cafe seating. Let’s open up the POP cafe. : )

  • It was up for auction last year I believe. It is a relief to see it being renovated. Despite the down economy, there is quite a wealth of houses getting renovated throughout LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale as well as a number of buildings along the FL AVE/RI AVE stretches.

  • So glad to see this house renovated! Before I bought in LeDroit last Spring, I was seriously considering this house but figured it’d be too much of a project for a first time buyer. Glad somebody saw the potential!

  • i walked by here the other day. so glad to see it being renovated. florida avenue from noma to u street is so pathetic, but has so much potential. a new coffee shop, zee’s. i hope more things get filled in.
    we did lose Soul Day Spa though. any news on anything going in that space?

  • Permits say an “apartment building.” Under the District’s use classifications, that means three or more units. I’m guessing just three. Basement, first, second.

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