Awesome Boarded Up Window in Shaw

Never thought I’d write that before. And of course I’m looking forward to when it gets fixed (on 9th St, NW in Shaw) but in the meantime I’m digging the wallpaper pattern on the boarded up windows:

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  • HA! I actually had this paneling in my man cave in my first house, redneck style in the country : )

    It fit in good with my gun case, comfy sofa, antique coke sign and wood stove!

  • I think “awesome” is insulting. This 1890-ish row home on 9th Street is a true diamond in the rough. It could (and should) be awesome if sold and restored properly.

    The current owner bought it for very little money a few years ago and has made little, if any, investment in it. A tenant lives upstairs in what seem to be awful conditions — rumor is that he climbs a ladder to get upstairs becaus the first floor has been gutted and no stairs exist, the dwelling upstairs is heated with propane tanks, and the roof is unstable. DCRA/OTR/Fire Department/etc. seem to have no authority to exercise any oversight of the property.

    The owner lists it for sale as an “ideal fast food restaurant” every now and then for a ridiculous amount of money (like $1.5 million), probably to avoid blight taxes. The property is zoned R-4, so any non-residential use will likely be fought HARD by area residents… not exactly an ideal fast food location, therefore…

    • Like so many other owners jacking up rents and sitting on properties on 9th Street. A-holes. Fight club- gone.
      Vegetate – gone. EFN -dead and buried. Modern Liquors(before it was sold to douches) SAD.

  • Saw this the other day too. From afar it looked like scratches.

  • what block is this? the numbers say “41” but I assume that’s really “_41” and one’s missing. I’d be curious to look it up on and see who owns it.

  • The new Modern Liquors is a GREAT improvement. The new owners are a bit pushy, but I’d rather have that than plexiglass separating me from the cashier anyday.

  • It’s 1541 9th Street.

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