Your Afternoon Animal Fix – Adopt Lucky the Cat

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“Umbrella cat (appropriate for this rainy day)”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Info on adopting Lucky the cat after the jump.

“Dear PoP,

Due to new babies sever allergies to cats we are desperate to find Lucky a new home. If you know of anyone that would like to have a very loving, senior cat live with them, please let me know.

Lucky is 13 years old (I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old), is in great health, has all of his shots and is good with kids. Lucky is an indoor cat and has never been outside. I’ve attached a few pictures that I took tonight. If anyone can take him, even for the time being until I find a permanent home, I’d be ever so grateful.”

Email [email protected] if interested.

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  • Lucky sure is a cutie. I’m interested in adopting an older cat but I can’t do so until after 1/1/11 as I’ll be traveling for the last 2 weeks of December. I’ll check back when I return to see if Lucky has found new digs.

    Do we know if PK (Porch Kitty) ever found a permanent home?

  • Infants can be allergic to pets?! Eek.

  • I’m glad that people are willing to adopt these great kitties. I hate these stories of people having pets for a decade plus and then just discarding them when the kids come along. Pets are family too!!

  • There’s no way we’d give up Oliver if Mrs T and I had a baby and it was allergic to the cat. He was here first, and we made a serious commitment to care for him when we adopted him. Of course we’d try to minimize the allergies, vacuum regularly, keep the cat out of the baby’s room, buy an air filter, etc, but if all else fails, it’s just allergies, not a fatal disease or anything. Studies actually show children raised with pets are ultimately better off that kids without, for various reasons.

    • +1

      Children raised around pets are more likely NOT to have asthma and other problems as they grow older.

    • Allergies most definitely be life threatening…asthma attacks can be fetal ,anaphlactic shock…is also deadly and fast…I don’t believe these folks would be parting with a 13 year old family cat un less there was no other alternative.

    • Spoken like someone without allergies! You’d submit your infant to wheezing, constant sneezing, trouble breathing, itching so severe that you want to cut off your nose so you can scratch it better, headaches and generally awfulness ALL THE TIME because you feel it’s inappropriate to find your cat a new loving home?
      These people have babies with SEVERE allergies and are doing their best to find a new home for the cat – they didn’t drop it off at the shelter because they don’t like it anymore.

  • Obviously you’ve never met anyone who had a real cat allergy. It’s debilitating.

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