What’s a Fair Price for My Rental? – 739 Newton Place, NW

Ed. Note: I’ve been getting a few inquiries like this so I thought it would be fun to start it as a regular feature. If you’re looking to rent a place out and are curious what is a realistic price send an email with ‘what’s a fair price’ in the title to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com. We can also do this for people selling their homes if interested.

“Dear PoP,

My apartment building is at 739 Newton Place, NW (between New Hampshire and Georgia Avenues). I think that all of the pictures explain themselves, but please let me know if anything puzzles you.

As for the apartment: The building as a whole was thoroughly renovated; the work was finished in 2007. My apartment is a one-bedroom with the bedroom being 10 feet by 10 1/2 feet in size. The living/dining area is 11 feet square. The apartment has hardwood floors. It has high ceilings and crown molding (is the term I have heard) that is reminiscent of the 1930s. What adds to the charm for me is the number of electric outlets (I do not have a number per room, but it would be difficult to use them all) and an ingenious lighting design that means that every time I need to light an area, an overhead light is there. The kitchen is state-of-the-art (granite countertops, a deep sink, a pull-out faucet, and GE Profile stainless steel appliances). The apartment has a stackable washer/dryer pair in a closet, and it has its own HVAC system (also in a closet). There is a coat closet near the front door and a reasonably good-size closet in the bedroom. As a whole, the apartment oozes charm, for whatever that is worth.

What the apartment is worth is a pressing question for me at the moment. I very much appreciate your helping me figure it out.”

Hmm, I’m gonna guess $1300 again. What do you guys think?

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  • That’s not a great picture. Is it a basement unit? If so, the price is too high. More like $1000 max. For $1300, you can get a pretty nice place in Mt.P or Columbia Heights. Considering the craziness in Petworth as of late, I’d be hesitant.

  • Electrical outlets add charm? Let me tell you about a cozy substation in Brightwood…

  • I think $1300 with all utilities included would be a good deal for your apartment. I live near Taylor and 13th in a basement apartment and I pay $1416 (the $16 is for DVR service), which I think is reasonable, but could be a tad less since we don’t have control of any air/heat and the appliances are not in new condition.

  • What a charming number of electrical outlets!

  • Are there any more pictures? OP says “pictures explain themselves.”

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry the OP had a problem sending photos. She sent the tiny kitchen photo and on one of my walks I snapped the bigger building shot myself.

      • That’s funny. A landlord savvy enough to post on PoP, but not savvy enough to attach a photo to an email.

  • Those are seriously tiny rooms and the kitchen looks tiny as well. Sounds like a small studio with a dividing wall.

  • Not talking about the OP’s apartment, PoP, but LA’s.

    Lots of shorthands, there.

  • Interested in renting this place

  • Does it have a separate dinning room? If not it does sound a bit small but 1300 or a one bedroom blocks from the metro seems reasonable in this city.

  • I think it’s fine, it’s 2 bedrooms and has a huge, albeit concrete backyard. I really haven’t found much else without getting closer to Georgia Ave.

  • $1300 for an apartment like that is crazy. The neighborhood isn’t great, the rooms are small, the windows are tiny, and the kitchen looks really cramped. I would pay maybe $1100 with utilities included.

    Either that, or you need to attach some more pictures of the charm that the apartment oozes.

  • i agree 1300 seems high for how much space – 500 sf? but it does look like a nice reno, at least from the one pic. maybe 1150?

  • It would only go for above $1300 if it were larger. Since it sounds like a studio borken up into two rooms as someone mentioned, I think it the most it would go for is $1100.

  • My dog loves to poop in front of this building. Does that make it more valuable?

  • My boyfriend and I looked at a similar-sounding unit in this building back in April. The bf drooled over the chef’s kitchen, but the teeny-tiny rooms and total lack of greenery near the apt were deal-breakers. Oh yea, and the price: I think they were asking 1600/month.

  • I think $1300 sounds spot-on. It sounds like its size makes it better suited for 1 person rather than a couple, and I don’t think you’re going to get someone to pay anymore than that in this neighborhood.

  • I was paying $1350/month for my 450sf 1 bedroom in Gtown. My apartment sucked though – no central AC, washing machine, or dishwasher… $1300 seems like a fair price for this apartment. The neighborhood is sketchy, but the apartment seems nice enough.

  • I am in a unit near this on Newton. It is a newly renovated row house (granite counter tops, new appliances, washer/dryer, etc.) at a price of $850 per room, utilities included. I would conclude you are over paying.

  • Considering the proximity to the metro, and the fact that you don’t have to share a house with others, $1200 is probably about right with all utils included.

  • I have a friend that lives in the building. There all condos and the space is pretty nice. I’m sure she’s paying more than 1300 for her mortgage. I thing my friend paid 285 for his 1 bedroom condo.

  • A couple of clarifications. It’s in Columbia Heights/ParkView not Petworth- just for geography’s sake. Second, it’s not a studio. It’s a definite one bedroom. Yes the rooms are compact, but with intelligent decor, there’s more than enough space for one person. Third, in over three years of living on the same street, I can’t remember any major or for that matter minor incident as far as “sketchy” goes.

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